In collaboration with Weatherzone, this project delivers fortnightly videos presented by meteorologist Ben Domensino on Australia-wide climate trends and impacts. These videos are distributed via the Weatherzone app and redistributed via their website and social media accounts. Half the videos cover observed monthly or seasonal trends from across the country which can include records broken, extreme weather events or changes in temperature and rainfall. Repeated often, this provides an insight into the diversity of Australia’s climate and the impact climate change poses to it. The length of the videos also presents a unique opportunity to explore the trends and drivers of Australia’s weather and climate more deeply, which in turn holds the potential to build strong climate literacy.

The other half of the program works to explain some of the broader and far-reaching impacts of climate change and are designed to be engaging to the diverse interests of Australian audiences. Topics range from the impacts of climate change on wine or chocolate production to the intensification of extreme weather events and their impact on health. By showcasing the tangible and wide-reaching social, environmental and economic impacts of climate change, they appeal to audiences who had may not previously felt that climate change would affect them. A selection of MCCCRH researched and produced episodes can be found below.

Episode 1. Thunderstorm asthma

Episode 2. Extreme heat at the Australian Open

Episode 3. March climate update & Summer climate review

Episode 4. April climate update

Episode 5. Easter special: Chocolate & climate change

Episode 6. May climate update

Episode 7: Tropical cyclones & climate change

Episode 8: June climate update & May review

Episode 9: July climate update & June review

Episode 10: Australian snowfall & climate change

Episode 11: August climate update & July review

Episode 12: World Mosquito Day

Episode 13: August & Winter climate review

Episode 14: Climate change & Australian wine

Episode 15: September climate review & October outlook

Episode 16: Beer & climate change

Episode 17: October climate update

Episode 18: Horse Racing and Climate Change

Episode 19: November Spring review

Episode 20: Bushfires and Climate Change

Episode 21: Christmas and Climate Change

Episode 22: 2019-2020 Bushfires: What’s behind the current fire season?

Episode 23: January climate update

Episode 24: March climate update

Episode 25: April climate update

Episode 26: May climate update

Episode 27: June climate update

Episode 28: July climate update

Episode 29: Winter climate update

Episode 30: September climate update

Episode 31: October climate update

Episode 32: November climate update

Episode 33: January climate update

Episode 34: Summer climate update

Episode 35: March climate update

Episode 36: April climate update

Episode 37: Autumn climate update

Episode 38: June climate update

Episode 39: July climate update

Episode 40: Winter climate update

Episode 41: September climate update

Episode 42: October climate update

Episode 43: Spring Climate Update

This project is proudly supported by the Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation.