Pressing the Climate: Community newspapers as climate educators

In collaboration with Leader Local Newspapers, the MCCCRH will deliver weekly localised climate graphics in the 26 mastheads across metropolitan Melbourne, along with Australia’s first ever dedicated climate column, Changing Climates. The program will source local climate data from 11 weather stations across the city which will ensure that each of Leader’s 1.6 million weekly readers will receive climate information particular to their local area.

In addition to weekly graphs charting observed changes and future climatic projections, Dr. Ailie Gallant, a climate scientist in Monash’s School of Earth, Atmosphere and Environment will host a weekly column accompanying each graphic. As one of Australia’s only dedicated climate columns, it will provide a space for discussing climate change at the local level and be able to draw useful comparisons between different areas of Melbourne. It is hoped that this hyper-localised form of climate communication will assist in improving the climate literacy of Melbournians and help them make effective decisions toward a more sustainable future.

This project is proudly supported by the Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation.

Interested in having your voice heard in Changing Climates?

The inclusion of community voices will form a crucial component of this project, and we're looking for a broad range of people to share their experiences with us. From doctors and firefighters, to business owners and sporting coaches, we want to hear from you.

If you'd be interested in being contacted to share how climate change has impacted you, and your thoughts on how to respond to climate change, please email with your name, your local area, and a little bit about your experience.