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The Monash University Medical Foundation has been dedicated to connecting generous people with outstanding researchers, students and educators who share a common vision to change and save lives through health.

The philanthropic priorities of the foundation, founded in 2002, are driven by the vision of the Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences. Achieving this vision requires a significant investment in the faculty's most valuable resources  – its students, its researchers and its educators.

Its people have a rich history of developing their bright ideas into big discoveries all to make a difference to the way people live across the globe.

We pioneered IVF research, achieving the first IVF pregnancy in the early 1970s, and Australia's first (and the world's fourth) successful IVF birth in 1980.

Our stem cell scientists were the first in the world to demonstrate that human embryonic stem cells could generate specific types of body cells in the laboratory.

Our scientists are making discoveries that are used to develop drugs to treat malaria. A team of 15 Monash-based scientists worked out how to deactivate the digestive enzyme in our bodies used by the malaria parasite to sustain itself. The work of these researchers could eventually help the  one million people this disease kills each year across Africa, Asia and South America.

We are in a unique position to consider research and education from a global perspective. We are the only Australian university active on four continents. And, our faculty is a foundation member of the M8 alliance, which brings together prestigious medical schools and teaching hospitals around the world,  framing future considerations of global medical developments and health challenges.

Supporting the faculty's human capital will ensure these outstanding people and the next generation of leaders in health and medical research unleash their full potential, to tackle the most pressing world health questions.

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