A message from the Chairman

A message from the Chairman - Mr Jeremy Nestel

The Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences at Monash University is the largest medical school in Australia. The faculty’s reputation has been built on its innovative leaders, dynamic environment and global connectedness. This makes the faculty a very attractive destination for medical, nursing,  and health science students, as well as educators and researchers of international standing. The critical mass of researchers and resources allows talented individuals to reach their full potential in the field of health sciences research or gain a world-class education.

The Monash University Medical Foundation was established in 2002. The Foundation’s mission is to encourage alumni and friends to financially support students, researchers and staff. The Foundation is dedicated to supporting the faculty in its endeavours by connecting generous people with outstanding researchers,  students and educators who share a common vision and passion to change and save lives through innovation in health.

The Foundation helps raise funds to support cutting-edge research in areas such as prostate cancer, foetal and neonatal health, infectious diseases, and regenerative and stem cell medicine. For example, the Foundation was instrumental in securing the funds necessary for the Ritchie Centre to undertake its  ground-breaking trial into preventing cerebral palsy in the womb. The success of this initial trial in humans has allowed the project to swiftly progress to a more extensive clinical trial that offers a potential therapy for this devastating condition. The research also has implications for another serious  pregnancy complication known as preeclampsia.

In my role as Chair of the Foundation, I have been privileged to meet many inspirational and gifted people who are passionate and committed to their research and educational endeavours. Certainty of funding enables them to maintain their commitment. However, in today's environment, funding for research from  traditional government sources is in decline, placing an even greater emphasis on the need to secure philanthropic support.

I am grateful to the individuals who choose to advance the mission of the Foundation by donating generously. Philanthropic support in the form of bursaries or scholarships allows students to achieve their potential despite their financial circumstances. Philanthropy can also support funding for specific research  projects that lead to discoveries that improve the human condition, while also giving researchers the opportunity to undertake research in Australia.

I am honoured to be working with a talented Board enabling the Foundation to fulfil its mission. Please join us in supporting the Faculty in their education and research endeavours.