A message from the Dean

A message from the Dean - Professor Christina Mitchell

Ever since our early days, we've made a big difference in the lives of millions of families world-wide. We’ve had an impact in multiple ways, including through our pioneering work in IVF research, stem cell discoveries and through the progressive educational experience that helps inform health  care  leaders.  Today,  we  provide the education and training for more doctors, nurses, paramedics and other health care professionals than any other Australian university.

I believe we have a distinctive and winning formula. However, we must remain relevant to the communities we serve, as we continue to work to refine and improve our work.

We have two big ambitions:

  • Offer our brightest researchers, regardless of where they are in their career, the funding they need to find the solutions to our century’s greatest health care challenges.
  • Ensure that, regardless of where you live, you can access the best medical and allied health education.

The big issues that drive us come from the communities where we live and work – both in rural and urban settings. We've already begun to understand and to find solutions for critical diseases including cancer, muscle degeneration, cardiac diseases and obesity. We know that success will be far  greater  if  we  work  with,  and  within, communities to improve health outcomes.

With the support of alumni, friends and partners, we can continue to think big and make extraordinary discoveries. Thank you for helping us translate our ambitions into reality.