Over Monash University’s history, bequests from staff, alumni, friends, students and their families have changed lives and saved lives through the gift of education and support of medical researchers. People making a bequest have often been inspired by Monash’s influence on their lives or on  the lives of others.

The lasting impact of bequests—both large and small—is an easy way to leave a legacy that may not have been possible to do through a gift today.

Giving by bequest costs nothing now, yet it may give you a great deal of satisfaction to know that your future gift will live on.

How do I include Monash in my will?

You can leave a bequest to Monash University by adding a codicil to your current will or by drafting a new will. We recommend that you seek advice from a solicitor when making your will. Law societies in every state of Australia publish lists of accredited specialists in wills and estates. Trustee companies can  also advise you.

As a will is a legal document, it is in your best interest to ensure that the wording is precise and does not include statements that can be misinterpreted. One of our philanthropic relations team members can help you develop a description and guidelines to ensure your vision for Monash is captured in your will.

The following bequest wording may be adapted by your legal adviser for inclusion in your will:
“I bequeath to Monash University the whole of my Estate (or …...% of my Estate, the residue of my Estate or the sum of $ …………), free of all duties and deductions, to be applied for (either) the purposes of the University in such manner as the University may  determine (or) the following purpose - describe your vision here. I direct that the receipt of Monash University shall be a good and sufficient discharge to my Trustee(s).”

For more information about leaving a bequest please contact:

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