Welcome Baby to Country

The Mildura Welcome Baby to Country Ceremony provides a sense of connection and belonging for mothers, fathers and extended family members and children, acknowledging and welcoming young infants and children to country. This ceremony has been created through collaboration between Traditional Owners; staff from Medicine, Nursing  and Health Sciences and Mildura Arts Centre. It has been shaped and designed, together, with the community, with the purpose of bringing culture back to people. The development of the ceremony in a contemporary setting has been informed by local community knowledge around how to create authentic  and meaningful ceremony and ritual, in addition to the concept of re-emerging and re-imagining cultural content for local families. This community event also informs our undergraduate health professionals of best practice in community wellbeing. We have created a meaningful and respectful relationship with local  families and stakeholders around Welcome Baby to Country ceremony and would like you to share in our celebration.

Mildura Welcome Baby to Country: A strength based approach to Aboriginal community wellbeing

Hear an audio file of: Ms Rose Gilby, Jill Antonie and Uncle Jim Berg discussing Welcome Baby to Country

Welcoming Baby to Country Ceremony: Ms Rose Gilby, Jill Antonie and Uncle Jim Berg from Onemda VicHealth Koori Health on Vimeo.