Mildura Health Academy

Guwonderuk Health Academy


The aim of this incursion package is to develop and support Indigenous student aspirations to become a health professional


At completion of the Gukwonderuk Health Academy students should be able to:

  1. Demonstrate and describe an Acknowledgement of Country
  2. Describe cultural diversity
  3. Describe diversity of health professional roles
  4. Describe various pathways to the health professions
  5. Demonstrate one or more clinical health skills

Target Group

Indigenous students in years seven to ten. The academy can be taught to the broader class these students are located in.

Academy length

Can be customized from 1.5 hours to 2.5 hours of content. The program is activity based and led by Indigenous facilitators.

Mildura Health Academy

The aim of the  Health Academy is to work with Indigenous secondary school students and their  families to build understanding about university health career pathways and  requirements. Students attend the Monash University simulation labs and the  local hospital  with an Aboriginal academic and Elders. In a culturally safe and  friendly environment students meet health professionals and experience hands on  activities, such as, plastering, taking blood and more. Those students  attending who wish to understand more about Monash University  study  opportunities have been supported with Yulendj to attend Monash Experience  Camps and the Monash Strengthening Engagement and Achievement

Mildura Health Academy Video (5.39min)


For bookings and more information please contact Peggy Swindle

Meeting with the Koori Education Workforce in Mildura