Biomedicine Alumni eNews August 2018

Slaying Superbugs: Exploring the frontiers of Antimicrobial Resistance

Wednesday 5 September 2018 - Royal Society of Victoria

Join us for this special panel discussion and Monash Biomedicine Alumni reception, hosted by the Director of the Monash BDI, Professor John Carroll.

Three Monash BDI researchers, joined by a Monash medical sociologist will discuss their latest research tackling superbugs.

This is a unique opportunity to re-connect with your peers and network with other Monash Biomedicine Alumni.

Microscope to decipher superbugs built by Monash researchers

A hand-made super-microscope, capable of seeing the actual building blocks of a bacterial cell wall, has helped Monash researchers decipher how bacteria are able to literally build a wall against the immune system, leading to often deadly disease.

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Infection and immunity research brought to life for low vision community

An inaugural Sensory Scientific Exhibition and Discovery Day held in May enabled the low vision community to explore the world of immunity and infection through interactive exhibits specifically designed for a low or no vision audience.

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Alumni Profile: Dr Jordan Kane

“[My biomedical science degree] provided opportunities to challenge myself with complex problems important to the world, reflect on my interests and strengths, and give me confidence to tackle difficult challenges.”

Dr Jordan Kane is a Strategic Partnerships Consultant at IQVIA, a global provider of human clinical trials and market insights to the pharmaceutical industry. He is involved in bringing new medicines to market to improve patients’ lives.

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New Biomedical building takes shape

Located on the Clayton campus, this new building will provide a world-leading learning environment for the biomedical sciences, appearing as a series of interlocking cuboid blocks.

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