Respiratory Medicine Laboratory

Laboratory Head

Associate Professor Tom Kotsimbos

Staff & Students

Academic Clinicians
Professor Greg Snell
Dr Glen Westall

Research Fellows
Dr Julianne Bayliss (joint appointment)
Dr Nicole Mifsud
Dr Oanh Nguyen

PhD students
Ms Tara Bull
Ms Aislin Meehan


Associate Professor Tom Kotsimbos is a practising Specialist Respiratory and Transplant Physician with active research programs. His research interests lie particularly in understanding the fine balance between a weak and strong immune system response to transplant - graft rejection on the one hand and infection on the other. See his comments at The Alfred Transplant Family.

Respiratory Medicine Laboratory

Molecular Endocrinology Laboratory

L-R: Dr Nicole Mifsud, Senior Research Fellow; Ms Tara Bull, Doctoral student; Dr Julianne Bayliss, Research Fellow; Ms Aislin Meehan, Doctoral student; Dr Oanh Nguyen, Research Fellow; Ms Louise Rowntree, Honours student.
Absent: A/Prof Tom Kotsimbos, Lab head; Dr Glen Westall, Clinician

The Respiratory Medicine Laboratory works in close association with the Lung Transplant Service within the Department of Allergy, Immunology, and Respiratory Medicine (Alfred Hospital). The main focus of our laboratory is elucidating the mechanisms and risk factors associated with maintenance of the lung allograft.

Current research projects undertaken in our lab include: investigation of adaptive immune mechanisms in allograft survival, such as, chronic viral infection and reactivation in the lung allograft; characterisation of allo-specific T cells; cross-reactive anti-viral memory T cells (Dr Mifsud, Dr Nguyen, A/Prof Kotsimbos; and the role of regulatory T cells (Dr Mifsud, A/Prof Kotsimbos). The role of the innate immune system in allograft rejection, and the effects of immunosuppressive regimes on Natural Killer (NK) cells (Dr Westall, Ms Meehan). Repair in the respiratory epithelium: assessing Clara cell secretory protein (CCSP) as a biomarker and CCSP genetic polymorphisms as a risk factor for chronic rejection (Ms Bull, Dr Mifsud, A/Prof Kotsimbos. Donor cell microchimerism as a predictor for allograft survival or tolerance induction (Ms Rowntree, Dr Bayliss, Dr Nguyen, Dr Mifsud).

Technical strengths in our lab include processing of human blood and bronchoalveolar lavage samples, cell culture (including primary cell lines), T cell cloning, flow cytometry, MACS enrichment, human cell line transfection, immunological assays (MLR, ICS, ELISA, ELISpot, 51Cr-assays), production of HLA class I/peptide tetramers and a range of PCR based molecular biology techniques.

Enquiries welcome from potential B Sc(Hons), B Med Sci, PhD and MD students.

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Phone: +61 3 9076 3844

Department of Medicine
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