Undergraduate Teaching

Medical Students

The Alfred Hospital Department of Anaesthesia and Perioperative Medicine provides teaching at several levels. For further information about MBBS undergraduate teaching at the Alfred, see Undergraduate Medical Education Directorate.

  • Third year students receive a series of formal lectures and spend time in the operating theatres and on the pain round observing and gaining experience in simple vascular access, airway management, basics of anaesthetic care and principles of acute pain management. Clear learning objectives have been established, and students are expected to cover these during their time with us.
  • Fifth year students are able to spend time in the department as part of the Selective program, being allocated to operating theatres and the pain round. The longer time spent with us allows the opportunity to gain a broader experience and understanding of anaesthetic practice.
  • Students working towards BMedSci or BSc(Hons) can conduct their study through the department.
  • Interstate and overseas students wishing to do an elective in anaesthesia at Alfred are also welcome, being placed in the same stream as fifth year students.
  • Pharmacy students receive teaching in theatre and on the pain round.
  • MICA paramedic students receive in theatre teaching in airway management.
  • Monash University Centre for Ambulance and Paramedic Studies (MUCAPS) also receive teaching in the operating theatre.

Dr Howard Machlin
Visiting Anaesthetist
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