CCS Twitter channel

CCS Twitter channel @CCSMonash

In order to help you stay in touch with Central Clinical School events and other news, we have a CCS Monash Twitter account, user name @CCSMonash. See below feed window for more about following and the broadcasters.

Follow us on twitter. Link detail Your replies to our tweets will not be posted in the feed on this page, but will be visible in the channel.

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If you don't have a Twitter account, you can set one up, at The account is free. In your own Twitter account, you can opt to receive notifications as sms texts to your phone, and/or via email.

Twitter has some advantages over email

  • It's a platform independent form of communication, i.e. you don't have to be logged in to any email account. You can receive and relay messages via phone if you set up your account to receive the notifications to your phone.
  • Each communication is short, only 140 characters. See above.
  • The posts are coming from us, so it isn't junkmail!


If you don't wish to receive posts directly, you can bookmark this page and make it a favourite, so you can see the live feed.

CCS Twitter feed broadcasters

Each broadcaster uses hashtags related to their area, which subject theme the broadcast. See examples:

  • #pgrad, #hons, #bmedsc: Student Services - notifications of student seminars and student information sessions
  • #research, #grants: Research - notifications regarding grant opportunities and other research news
  • #ccsnews, #ccsevents: Communications - CCS public events and high profile public news
  • #acbd, #immunology, #infdiseases, #maprc, #ethics etc: Department hub communicators