2011 ACBD Publications

Clinical Haematology - 2011 publications

Journal Articles – Refereed Scholarly Journals  

Patil, S., Coutsouvelis, J., Spencer, A. Asparaginase in the management of adult acute lymphoblastic leukaemia:  Is it used appropriately?. Cancer Treatment Reviews [P]. 2011;37(3):202-207.

Australian Centre for Blood Diseases - 2011 publications

Journal Articles – Letter or Note  

Andrews, R., Berndt, M. An event of shear importance. Blood [P]. 2011;117(1):5-7.

Merriman, E., Kaplan, Z., Butler, J., Malan, E., Gan, T., Tran, H. Rivaroxaban and false positive lupus anticoagulant testing. Thrombosis and Haemostasis [P]. 2011;105(2):385-386.

Journal Articles Non-Refereed Scholarly Journal  

Andrews, R., Berndt, M., Elalamy, I. Platelets - From function to dysfunction in essential thrombocythaemia. European Oncology & Haematology [P]. 2011;7(2):125-131.

Gough, S., Slape, C., Aplan, P. NUP98 gene fusions and hematopoietic malignancies: common themes and new biologic insights. Blood [P]. 2011;118(24):6247-6257.

Grigoriadis, G., Condon, J., Green, K., Anderson, M., Borosak, M., Wood, E. Persistent complement-dependent anti-AnWj in a lymphoproliferative disorder: a case study and review. Immunohematology [P]. 2011;27(3):83-88.

Merriman, E., Tran, H. Antiplatelet drugs, anticoagulants and elective surgery. Australian Prescriber [P]. 2011;34(5):139-143.

Journal Articles - Refereed Scholarly Journals

Al-Tamimi, M., Gardiner, E., Thom, J., Shen, Y., Cooper, M., Hankey, G., Berndt, M., Baker, R., Andrews, R. Soluble glycoprotein VI is raised in the plasma of patients with acute ischemic stroke. Stroke [P]. 2011;42(2):498-500.

Al-Tamimi, M., Grigoriadis, G., Tran, H., Paul, E., Servadei, E. P, Berndt, M., Gardiner, E. E, Andrews, R. K Coagulation-induced shedding of platelet glycoprotein VI mediated by factor Xa. Blood [P]. 2011;117(14):3912-3920.

Arthur, J., Shen, Y., Gardiner, E., Coleman, L., Kenny, D., Andrews, R., Berndt, M. C TNF receptor-associated factor 4 (TRAF4) is a novel binding partner of glycoprotein Ib and glycoprotein VI in human platelets. Journal of Thrombosis and Haemostasis [E]. 2011;9(1):163-172.

Chen, G., Hardy, K., Pagler, E., Ma, L., Lee, S., Gerondakis, S., Daley, S., Shannon, M. The NF-I?B transcription factor c-Rel is required for Th17 effector cell development in experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis. Journal Of Immunology [P]. 2011;187(9):4483-4491.

Courtine, E., Pene, F., Cagnard, N., Toubiana, J., Fitting, C., Brocheton, J., Rousseau, C., Gerondakis, S., Chiche, J., Ouaaz, F., Mira, J. Critical role of cRel subunit of NF-kB in sepsis survival. Infection And Immunity [P]. 2011;79(5):1848-1854.

Cranmer, S., Ashworth, K., Yao, Y., Berndt, M. C, ruggeri, Z. M, Andrews, R., Jackson, S. High shear-dependent loss of membrane integrity and defective platelet adhesion following disruption of the GPIba-filamin interaction. Blood [P]. 2011;117(9):2718-2727.

De Laurentiis, A., Pardo, O., Palamidessi, A., Jackson, S., Schoenwaelder, S., Reichmann, E., Scita, G., Arcaro, A. The catalytic class IA PI3K isoforms play divergent roles in breast cancer cell migration. Cellular Signalling [P]. 2011;23(3):529-541.

Gilmore, T., Gerondakis, S. The c-Rel transcription factor in development and disease. Genes & Cancer [P]. 2011;2(7):695-711.

Grigoriadis, G., Vasanthakumar, A., Banerjee, A., Grumont, R. J, Overall, S., Gleeson, P. A, Shannon, M., Gerondakis, S. C-rel controls multiple discrete steps in the thymic development of Foxp3+ CD4 regulatory T cells. PLoS ONE [P]. 2011;6(10):e26851-e26851.

Guerreiro, A., Fattet, S., Kulesza, D., Atamer, A., Elsing, A., Shalaby, T., Jackson, S., Schoenwaelder, S., Grotzer, M., Delattre, O., Arcaro, A. A sensitized RNA interference screen identifies a novel role for the PI3K p110I-gamma isoform in medulloblastoma cell proliferation and chemoresistance. Molecular Cancer Research [P]. 2011;9(7):925-935.

Heemskerk, J., Sakariassen, K., Zwaginga, J. J, Brass, L., Jackson, S. P, Farndale, R. Collagen surfaces to measure thrombus formation under flow: Possibilities for standardization. Journal Of Thrombosis And Haemostasis [P]. 2011;9(4):856-858.

Hu, Y., Liu, H., Simpson, R., Dear, A. PPAR(gamma)-independent thiazolidinedione-mediated inhibition of NUR77 expression in vascular endothelial cells. Journal of Endocrinology [P]. 2011;208(1):R1-R7.

Jackson, S. Arterial thrombosis-insidious, unpredictable and deadly. Nature Medicine [P]. 2011;17(11):1423-1436.

Kaplan, Z., Jackson, S. The role of platelets in atherothrombosis. Hematology [P]. 2011;2011(1):51-61.

Khong, T., Spencer, A. Targeting HSP 90 induces apoptosis and inhibits critical survival and proliferation pathways in multiple myeloma. Molecular Cancer Therapeutics [P]. 2011;10(10):1909-1917.

Liu, H. B, Mayes, P. A, Perlmutter, P., McKendrick, J., Dear, A. E The anti-leukemic effect and molecular mechanisms of novel hydroxamate and benzamide histone deacetylase inhibitors with 5-aza-cytidine. International Journal of Oncology [P]. 2011;38(5):1421-1425.

Liu, Y., Gao, X., Fang, L., Jennings, N., Su, Y., Xu, Q., Samson, A., Kiriazis, H., Wang, X., Shan, L., Sturgeon, S., Medcalf, R., Jackson, S., Dart, A., Du, X. Novel role of platelets in mediating inflammatory responses and ventricular rupture or remodeling following myocardial infarction. Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis, and Vascular Biology [E]. 2011;31(4):834-841.

Lu, B. G, Sofian, T., Law, R. H, Coughlin, P. B, Horvath, A. J Contribution of conserved lysine residues in the alpha{2}-antiplasmin C terminus to plasmin binding and inhibition. Journal Of Biological Chemistry [P]. 2011;286(28):24544-24552.

Medcalf, R. Plasminogen activation-based thrombolysis for ischaemic stroke: The diversity of targets may demand new approaches. Current Drug Targets [P]. 2011;12(12):1772-1781.

Monaghan, K., Khong, T., Smith, G., Spencer, A. CYT997 causes apoptosis in human multiple myeloma. Investigational New Drugs [P]. 2011;29(2):232-238.
Monaghan, K., Spencer, A. The role of the bone marrow microenvironment in multiple myeloma. European Journal of Clinical & Medical Oncology [P]. 2011;3(2):1-8.

Niego, B., Samson, A., Petersen, K., Medcalf, R. Thrombin-induced activation of astrocytes in mixed rat hippocampal cultures is inhibited by soluble thrombomodulin. Brain Research [P]. 2011;1381:38-51.

Para, A., Bark Jr., D., Lin, A., Ku, D. Rapid platelet accumulation leading to thrombotic occlusion. Annals Of Biomedical Engineering [P]. 2011;39(7):1961-1971.

Sashindranath, M., Samson, A., Downes, C. E, Crack, P., Lawrence, A. J, Li, Q., Ng, A. Q, Jones, N. C, Farrugia, J., Abdella, E., Vassalli, J., Madani, R., Medcalf, R. Compartment- and context-specific changes in tissue-type plasminogen activator (tPA) activity following brain injury and pharmacological stimulation. Laboratory Investigation [P]. 2011;91(7):1079-1091.

Schoenwaelder, S., Jarman, K., Gardiner, E., Hua, M., Qiao, J., White, M., Josefsson, E., Alwis, I., Ono, A., Willcox, A., Andrews, R., Mason, K., Salem, H., Huang, D., Kile, B., Roberts, A., Jackson, S. Bcl-x L-inhibitory BH3 mimetics can induce a transient thrombocytopathy that undermines the hemostatic function of platelets. Blood [P]. 2011;118(6):1663-1674.

Stankovic, S., Gugasyan, R., Kyparissoudis, K., Grumont, R., Banerjee, A., Tsichlis, P., Gerondakis, S., Godfrey, D. Distinct roles in NKT cell maturation and function for the different transcription factors in the classical NF-I?B pathway. Immunology And Cell Biology [P]. 2011;89(2):294-303.

Straub, A., Krajewski, S., Hohmann, J., Westein, E., Jia, F., Bassler, N., Selan, C., Kurz, J., Wendel, H., Dezfouli, S., Yuan, Y., Nandurkar, H., Jackson, S., Hickey, M., Peter, K. Evidence of platelet activation at medically used hypothermia and mechanistic data indicating ADP as a key mediator and therapeutic target. Arteriosclerosis Thrombosis And Vascular Biology [P]. 2011;31(7):1607-1616.

Tjarnlund-Wolf, A., Hultman, K., Curtis, M., Faull, R., Medcalf, R., Jern, C. Allelic imbalance of tissue-type plasminogen activator (t-PA) gene expression in human brain tissue. Thrombosis and Haemostasis [P]. 2011;105(6):945-953.

Tovar-Lopez, F., Rosengarten, G., Khoshmanesh, K., Westein, E., Jackson, S., Nesbitt, W., Mitchell, A. Structural and hydrodynamic simulation of an acute stenosis-dependent thrombosis model in mice. Journal of Biomechanics [P]. 2011;44(6):1031-1039.

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