Haigh Group - Mammalian Functional Genetics

Group Leader
Assoc Prof Jody Haigh

Senior Research Officers
Dr Catherine Carmichael
Dr Jackie Wang

PhD Student
Mr Mina Takawy

Key terms: Leukaemia mouse models

Research Overview

The laboratory of Associate Professor Jody J. Haigh uses/develops cutting edge transgenic mouse models and ES/iPS cell-based technologies to better understand cellular fate, memory and transformation. The group is presently interested in understanding the role of Zeb and Snai family of transcriptional modulators in normal haematopoietic cell differentiation and lineage commitment/function, as well as their roles in the leukaemia development. Using induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cell based technologies we are also developing iPS cell lines derived from primary leukaemia samples to better understand the molecular basis of leukaemia and to develop novel drug screening platforms.

The group

Haigh Lab
2017. Back row L-R: Ms Anna Milne, Associate Professor Jody Haigh, Dr Katharina Haigh,Mr Mina Takawy,
Front row L-R: Dr Thao Nguyen, Dr Catherine Carmichael,  Dr Jackie Wang, Ms Charlotte De Maziere,
Mr Maximilian Garwood.


1.    Role of Zeb2 in leukemic Stem Cell Formation and Cancer Progression.
2.    Role of Snai1 in hematopoiesis and leukemia.
3.    Generation of use of leukemic iPS cells to understand human disease.

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Projects and Grant Funding

Our work is funded by the NHMRC.


Zeb and Snai related publications:

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Key technology resource publications:
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