CCS Division of Clinical Sciences

The Division of Clinical Sciences, headed by Professor Paul Myles, was created in 2011 as part of the Central Clinical School’s restructure. Its emphasis is the integration of clinical practice with basic scientific research. Because the Division is closely affiliated with Alfred Health, with many staff holding joint appointments as practising clinician-researchers, it is well placed to expedite the clinical translation of its research projects into innovative treatments. The Division has 320 staff and higher degree research students.

The Division comprises:

Research projects span a wide range of medical subject areas, investigating disease processes, applications and treatments, from anaesthetic protocols to vision prosthetics. Research methodologies range from investigating fundamental physiological processes involved in the aetiology of disease, to creating clinical registries. By drawing on novel technological advances and collaborations with other disciplines, the Division enables fresh approaches to solving problems and improving current treatment options for patients.

All the research ultimately contributes to improved diagnosis of complex illnesses, better treatment for acute problems and improving the quality of life for people with chronic conditions. In addition, the Division’s work contributes to the body of knowledge for researchers and clinicians worldwide. The Division also provides quality education for MBBS undergraduates and research opportunities for university graduates and medical practitioners from a variety of disciplines.