Undergraduate Training

Diabetes represents a major clinical problem, the incidence of which is projected to rise rapidly in coming years. A strong demand for health professionals, biomedical research scientists and educators is anticipated in the field. Therefore, the overall objective of education programs delivered by the Department of Diabetes is to provide students with a specialised understanding of 1) aetiology and pathogenesis and, 2) current and translational therapeutic strategies for this global health burden.

Expert clinicians, biomedical researchers and academics from the Department of Diabetes will deliver material which includes combinations of lectures, practicals and tutorials through the Central Clinical School Human Pathology (HUP3011 and HUP3022) units. Further, Human Pathology offers Research in Action programs in both semesters 1 and 2 through HUP3990. Students can also enrol in an Honours Project offered through Human Pathology or alternatively may wish to discuss the possibility of placement research internships and summer research project opportunities with members of the department. For further information please contact the Central Clinical School Student Services Officer or Dr Tom Karagiannis (Department of Diabetes, Central Clinical School).

Available research projects

Graduate Research Training

The Diabetes Department hosts a number of Graduate Research Programs dedicated to understanding the progression of diabetes and improving current or developing new therapies for the disease. Projects range from complex cell-based genetic and epigenetic studies to intricate in vivo models of disease.

Laboratory tours can be organised providing the opportunity for students to experience a working biomedical research environment and to discuss aspects of current research with potential project supervisors. The Monash Doctoral Training (PhD) programs are offered through the Central Clinical School’s Translational Research discipline.

Monash Diabetes Student Association

A Diabetes Department student association has been established to provide mentoring and support systems for existing and new students. The committee which is elected by the departmental student body organises a number of social events throughout the year. The Departmental Journal Club is held every Tuesday at 4 pm providing a scientific forum for discussion. The association is integrated with the larger Central Clinical School student body and liaises with the Central Clinical School student committee for professional development opportunities. Members of the student group can be contacted at mnhs-diabetes-students-l@monash.edu.