BMedSc Honours students

Bachelor of Medical Science Honours program

2017 BMedSc Honours students
L-R front row: Zelia Chiu, Tiffany Tie, Louisa Thong, Stevi Harman, Donna Almira, Jacinta Cheng
L-R back row: Prof Karin Jandeleit-Dahm (BMedSc Honours Coordinator), Stephanie Naidu, Rachel Morley, Thomas Shiels, Darcy Tupper-Creed, Ned Latham, Kishan Wijesinghe, Lewis Ronan, Patrick Maclean, Chloe Durukan, Joshua Kontrobarsky, Michayla Doherty, Prof Merlin Thomas (BMedSc Honours Coordinator). Absent: Anna Mitchell

2017 Central Clinical School BMedSc(Hons) Students

Ms Donna Almira
Investigating the Role of the AT2 Receptor in Diabetic Nephropathy
Supervisor: Assoc Prof Terri Allen
Department: Diabetes

Miss Jacinta Cheng
Predictors of Neuropsychological Functioning in Patients with Borderline Personality Disorder
Supervisors: Prof Jayashri Kulkarni, Dr Caroline Gurvich. Co-Supervisor: Dr Natalie Thomas
Department: MAPrc

Ms Zelia Karmen Chiu
Vitamin D status in Uvertis patients
Supervisor: Assoc Prof Anthony Hall
Department: Surgery

Miss Michayla Doherty
Major Trauma and the Elderly
Supervisor: Prof Mark Fitzgerald
Department: Surgery

Miss Duygu Durukan
Rectal Mycoplasma Genitalium Infection    
Supervisor: Prof Christopher Fairley
Department: MSHC

Ms Stevi Harman
To evaluate the role of the fibrinolytic system at influencing outcome in ischaemic stroke
Supervisor: Prof Robert Medcalf
Department: ACBD

Mr Joshua Kontrobarsky
Exploring antisaccades in schizophrenia: a dopaminergic candidate gene study
Supervisors: Dr Caroline Gurvich, Prof Susan Rossell. Co-supervisors: Ms Elizabeth Thomas, Dr Kimyet Bozaoglu
Department: MAPrc

Mr Ned Latham
Understanding and reducing the barriers to community based point of care hepatitis C testing in people who inject drugs 
Supervisors: Prof Margaret Hellard, Dr Joseph Doyle, Dr Alisa Pedrana
Department: Burnet Institute/Infectious Diseases

Mr Patrick Daniel Maclean
Use of infra-red spectroscopy to identify the most common microorgnisms causing bloodstream infection 
Supervisor: Prof Anton Peleg 
Department: Infectious Diseases

Ms Anna Lauren Mitchell
Effect of tissue type plasminogen activator on neural plasticity in mice
Supervisor: Prof Robert Medcalf
Department: ACBD

Ms Rachel Morley
Utility of circulating tumor and methylated DNA for non-invasive therapeutic monitoring of multiple myeloma patients receiving oral azacytidine
Supervisor: Prof Andrew Spencer
Department: ACBD

Miss Stephanie Lee Naidu
The HIV/HCV co-infection elimination study
Supervisor: Dr Joseph Doyle    
Department: Burnet Institute & Alfred Dept of Infectious Diseases

Mr Thomas Shiels
EEG-BCI in human subjects using imagined limb movements
Supervisor: Prof Paul Fitzgerald
Department: MAPrc

Miss Louisa Pui Ling Thong
Epidemiology of Scleritis and Episcleritis in metropolitan Melbourne
Supervisor: Assoc Prof Anthony Hall
Department: Surgery

Ms Tiffany Ying-Ling Tie
A brief intervention for obesity in a tertiary hospital
Supervisor: Prof Wendy Brown
Department: Surgery

Mr Darcy Neil Tupper-Creed
Does creatine production rate change periopertatively in patients undergoing cardiac surgery?
Supervisor: Dr David McIlroy
Department: CCS

Mr Kishan Wijesinghe
Examining the inflammatory profile of adipose tissue in oesophaegeal cancer
Supervisor: Dr Paul Burton
Department: Surgery