CCS Three minute thesis competition 2016

2015 CCS 3MT winner:
R-L: 3MT Winner, Ms Shanzana Khan and Professor Stephen Jane, Head of School, Central Clinical School 

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Central Clinical School HDR students regularly compete in the "Three Minute Thesis" competition (3MT), offered in every Australian university. The CCS 3 Minute Thesis Competition is an opportunity for HDR students to convey the relevance and importance of their research in just 3 minutes. It is an excellent opportunity to achieve a higher profile for research students and their work. The Monash 3MT finalist will then be invited to represent Monash University at the Asia-Pacific 3MT competition, which will be held in Queensland University of Queensland.

2016 CCS 3MT competition details

  • Date: Thursday 11 August
  • Time: 12-1.30pm
  • Venue: Lecture Theatre, Level 5, Alfred Centre
  • CLICK HERE to RSVP for catering purposes
  • The winner of the 2015 CCS 3MT competition was Ms Shanzana Khan. See her video.

2016 Participants

Aron Hill

Mr Aaron Hill
Supervisors: Dr Kate Hoy, Prof Paul Fitzgerald, Mr Nigel Rogasch
Thesis title: Exploring the Neurobiological Foundations of Cognitive Enhancement with Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation
Department: MAPRc

Elizabeth Thomas

Ms Elizabeth Thomas
Supervisors: Dr Caroline Gurvich, Dr Susan Rossell
Thesis title: The influence of the glutamatergic system on cognition across the schizotypy/schizophrenia continuum
Department: MAPRc

Paddy Dempsey

Mr Paddy Dempsey
Supervisors: Dr David Dunstan, Prof Neville Owen, Dr Bronwyn Kingwell, Dr Julian Sacre
Thesis title: Breaking Up Prolonged Sitting: Implications for Prevention & Management of Type 2 Diabetes
Department: Baker IDI Institute

Mathew Snelson

Mr Mathew Snelson
Supervisors: Dr Melinda Coughlan, Prof Mark Cooper, Mr Sin Man Tan
Thesis title: The effects of dietary advanced glycation endproducts on gut homeostasis and chronic kidney disease
Department: Baker IDI Institute

Jessica Anania

Ms Jessica Anania
Supervisors: Prof Mark Hogarth, Dr Bruce Wines
Thesis title: Characterisation of a New Fc Receptor for Antibodies: Implications for Antibody Therapeutics in Cancer, Immunity and Infection
Department: Burnet Institute

Liriye Kurtovic

Ms Liriye Kurtovic
Supervisors: Prof James Beeson, Dr Freya Fowkes
Thesis title: The role of complement in antibody-mediated immune mechanisms against malaria
Department: Burnet Institute

Riya Palchaudhuri

Ms Riya Palchaudhuri
Supervisors: Prof Suzanne Crowe, A/Prof David Anderson, Dr Clovis Palmer
Thesis title: Towards a point of care test for sepsis-biomarkers of inflammation
Department: Burnet Institute

Caroline Tuck

Ms Caroline Tuck
Supervisors: Dr Jane Muir, Prof Peter Gibson, Ms Jacqueline Barrett
Thesis title: Adjunctive therapy to the low FODMAP dietary management of Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Department: Department of Gastroenterology

Marina Iacovou

Ms Marina Iacovou
Supervisors: Dr Jane Muir, Ms Jacqueline Barrett, Prof Peter Gibson
Thesis title: Manipulating the diet of breastfeeding mothers to relieve the symptoms of infantile colic
Department: Department of Gastroenterology

Erica Kim

Ms Erica Kim
Supervisors: Dr Steven Petratos, Dr Magdaline Costa
Thesis title: Delineating the role of monocarboxylate transporter 8 (MCT8) in driving oligodendroglial precursor cell (OPC) maturation
Department: Department of Medicine

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