Student Profile - Sara Mokhtar

Sara Mokhtar completed her PhD in 2016 in the Department of Medicine. Her supervisors were Dr Steven Petratos and Prof Richard Boyd. Sara’s research looked at how amyloid beta protein phosphorylation of CRMP-2 regulates neuritic dystrophy in alzheimer's disease. Sara won CCS’ 3 Minute Thesis competition in 2014. Dr Mokhtar is now working at KA University in Saudi Arabia. This interview was originally published in 2014.

How much longer have you got left of your PhD?
I’ve done about three years, so I have about one year to go.

Have you enjoyed it so far?
Yes, it’s really interesting. I really like my topic.

What were you studying before you started your PhD?
I completed a Bachelor in Laboratory Medicine back home in Saudi Arabia, then I did Masters in Laboratory Medicine at RMIT university. Then I come to Monash to do my PhD, and when I finish I’m going to go back and work in one of the universities in Saudi Arabia.

How long have you been in Australia for?

Six years now.

Do you like it?
Yeah, I really do!

What do you like to do in your spare time?
I love reading. I also do Karate and horse riding about four times a week.

Will you continue with the same kind of research that you are doing now when you go back to Saudi Arabia?
I will be teaching in histopathology, but I will also be doing some research work as well. It will probably be in brain disorders too.

What advice would you give someone who is about to start their PhD?
Do your reading! Do as much reading as you can, because it gives you a better idea about your research and it helps you understand it.

Have you always been interested in medical research?
Yes, I have always loved it. I like doing research and I think I’ll be doing it forever!