Graduate Research completions

Completed CCS Graduate Research students

Central Clinical School's completed and passed postgraduate students by year. Note, the current year is updated as and when completions take place. Hyperlinks go to their respective year list.



Ms Anna Kalff
Multiple myeloma- strategies to predict outcomes in the era of novel anti-myeloma therapies

Mr Ethan Oxley
Pu.1 And Maturational Plasticity In Acute Myeloid Leukaemia

Ms Jaclyn Lange
Copper And Gallium Pet Imaging Agents For Applications In HIV And Cancer

Ms Katherine Cummins
Modification And Targeting Of Myeloid Cell Surface Antigens (Cd33 And Cd123) To Enhance The Therapeutic Index Of Car T-Cells For Acute Myeloid Leukaemia


Mr Gerard Pernes
The Cellular Lipid Landscape Is A Defining Trait Of Human And Murine Immune Systems

Mr Habtamu Beyene
Plasma lipidomics to define the relationship of lipid metabolism with cardiometabolic risk factors and type 2 diabetes

Ms Michelle Flynn
Investigating The Role Of Neutrophil Glucose Metabolism In Inflammation And Diabetes-Associated Myelopoiesis And Atherosclerosis

Department of Diabetes

Mr Muthukumar Mohan
The protective role of Lipoxins against diabetes-associated atherosclerosis

Department of Gastroenterology

Dr Britt Christensen
Improving Clinical, Endoscopic And Histological Outcomes In Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Mr Daniel So
Translating functional characteristics of dietary fibre to clinical value in patients with irritable bowel syndrome

Department of Immunology

Ms Nina Hagan
Unique Requirements For Ki-67 In Mouse Haematopoiesis

Department of Infectious Diseases

Dr Iain  Abbott
Antimicrobial resistant urinary tract infections: Pharmacodynamic profiling of oral fosfomycin

Dr Jillian Lau
Social and clinical studies of interventions towards HIV cure

Department of Medicine (Alfred)

Dr Sarah Gutman
Advanced Tissue Characterisation Techniques in the Diagnosis and Management of Heart Disease

Department of Medicine (Peninsula)

Dr Justin Cole
Physiology Of Inflammation, Coronary Microvascular Dysfunction And Myocardial Injury Resulting From Percutaneous Coronary Intervention

Department of Neuroscience

Mr Daniel Merlo
Early Diagnosis, Monitoring, Subjective Performance And Predictors Of Subclinical Cognitive Decline In Multiple Sclerosis

Dr Emma Foster
Optimisation Of First Seizure Management

Ms Lin Zhang
Chronic migraine and cervical dystonia

Ms Wendy Wang
Detecting Cognitive Impairments In Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension Using Neuropsychological And Ocular Motor Testing

Department of Psychiatry

Ms Ellie Aniulis
Attentional and Perceptual Responses to Diverse Body Types: Cognitive Contributors to Body Ideals

Department of Surgery

Ms Harmeet Bhullar
The investigation of fat necrosis in abdominally based flaps utilised for breast reconstruction

Ms Nicole Garcia
Graft-Host Interactions In Full-Thickness Wounds Using Mouse Models

Dr Rowan Miller
Establishing Prostate MRI as a Standard of Care in Early Prostate Cancer Detection

Melbourne Sexual Health Centre (MSHC)

Ms Erica Plummer
Investigating The Pathogenesis Of Bacterial Vaginosis

Dr Rosie Latimer
Emerging Issues In Sexual Health: Mycoplasma Genitalium And 'Stealthing'



Mr Andrej Terzic
The Role Of Prmt5 In Acute Myeloid Leukaemia

Mr Michael De Vries
The Role of Grainyhead-like 2 (Grhl2) Transcription Factor in Embryonic Development

Mr Mitchell Moon
Developing unique antiplatelet drugs for improved heart attack and stroke prevention

Ms Sarah Luu
Improving outcomes in patients with reduced splenic function

Dr Sung Chiu
The study of transcription factors SCL and LYL1 in normal and malignant haematopoiesis

Ms Wing Yu Man
Investigating the Role of CD45 in the Pathogenesis and Disease Progression in Multiple Myeloma

Anaesthesia and Perioperative Medicine (APOM)

Dr Jonathan Hiller
An evaluation of perioperative therapies re-purposed for oncoanaesthesia to improve cancer outcomes


Ms Amy Searle
Innovative Precision Medicine Approaches For Thrombo-Inflammatory Driven Cardiovascular Diseases

Ms Julia Loseff-Silver
Development Of Novel Compounds For Inhibition Of Pro-Inflammatory C-Reactive Protein And Investigation Into Shear-Induced CRP Dissociation

Mr Michael Keating
An Integrated Systems Biology Approach to the Discovery and Characterisation of Novel Regulators of Hepatic Lipid Metabolism

Mr Sudip Paul
Novel Approaches For Modulating Endogenous Plasmalogens: Applications To The Treatment Of Metabolic Disease


Mr Jasper Cornish
Haploinsufficiency Of Murine Nfkb1 Confers A Defective Immune Response And Diverse Late-Onset Complications

Department of Diabetes

Ms Runa Lindblom
Mitochondrial Function in Diabetic Kidney Disease: Insights from Targeting Mitochondrial Pore-forming Cell Death Proteins

Ms Varaporn Suphapimol
Interactions between the immune system and vasoactive factors in neovascular retinopathy

Department of Gastroenterology

Mr Paul Gill
Investigating immune effects of short-chain fatty acids in healthy humans

Mr Ramakrishna Singh
Processing xylan rich residues to produce prebiotic- xylooligosaccharides

Mrs Shara Ket
Gastrointestinal bleeding: optimising peri-endoscopic management

Department of Immunology

Mr Abhirup Jayasimhan
Role of MHC class I expression in the pathogenesis of Type 1 Diabetes

Ms Amy Wilson
Improving In Vivo Detection Methods And Immunotherapies For Epithelial Ovarian Cancer

Ms Angela Nyugen
Characterisation of the murine non-classical MHC I molecule, H2-Q10

Department of Infectious Diseases

Dr Nenad Macesic
Combating Gram negative multi-drug resistance with insights from novel bioinformatics approaches

Department of Medicine

Dr Gauri Mishra
Evaluation of prognostic factors for survival in patients with Hepatocellular carcinoma treated with Transarterial Chemoembolisation

Dr Jyoti Prasad
Defining clinically meaningful outcomes in Pulmonary Fibrosis

Department of Neuroscience

Mr Ho Hin Yau
An Ocular Motor Investigation of Attention in Multiple Sclerosis

Department of Surgery

Mr Cheng Lo
Cultured Epithelial Autografts (Cea) & Skin Tissue Engineering In Burn Injuries

Mr James Farag
Mechanical Circulatory Support

Melbourne Sexual Health Centre (MSHC)

Dr Janet M Towns
Modern Ethical Syphilology: Elucidating Treponema Pallidum Transmission; And Novel Strategies For Improving Early Detection Of Syphilis And Other Sexually Transmitted Infections

Monash Alfred Psychiatry research centre

Ms Sin Ki Ng
Investigating the role of cognitive risk factors and underlying neurobiological processes associated with chronic low back pain



Ms Rose Brazilek
Engineering and validation of an integrated lab on a chip platform for platelet research and clinical diagnostics

Mr Jay Hocking
Investigating MEK inhibition in the treatment of multiple myeloma

Dr Eileen Merriman
Isolated Distal Vein Deep Vein Thrombosis: Diagnosis and Management Strategies

Mr Steven Ngo
Mechanisms of differentiation therapy response and relapse in acute myeloid leukaemia

Ms Maria Selvadurai
Examining PI3KC2alpha as an anti-thrombotic drug target


Miss Beverly Giam
Roles of Nitric Oxide and Oxidative Stress on Cardiorenal Syndrome Type 2

Mr Kevin Huynh
Improving targeted lipidomics to elucidate lipid pathways in Type 2 diabetes and Alzheimer's disease

Mr Shane Nanayakkara
Mechanisms and Therapeutics of Heart Failure with Preserved Ejection Fraction

Ms Ya-Lan Ying
Identification and Characterisation of Novel Therapeutic Targets Associated with Atherosclerotic Plaque Instability

Miss Ee Fang Yu
The Diagnostic and Therapeutic Development of Molecular Agents for Inflammation and Thrombosis


Miss Alicia Chenoweth
Novel Approaches for the Generation of Human Antibody Therapeutics by IgG Hinge and Fc Engineering

Ms Liriye Kurtovic
The role of complement in antibody-mediated immune mechanisms against malaria

Ms Riya Palchaudhuri
Towards a point-of-care test for sepsis- Biomarkers of inflammation

Department of Diabetes

Mr Matthew Snelson
The effects of dietary advanced glycation endproducts on gut homeostasis and chronic kidney disease

Department of Gastroenterology

Ms Mary Ajamian
Investigating Markers of Intestinal Barrier Dysfunction in Gastrointestinal Diseases

Department of Immunology

Mr Kristopher Nilsen
Assessment of the reactance lung volume relationship from the forced oscillation technique

Department of Medicine including APoM, DID, MSHC and AIRmed

Dr Vincent Cornelisse
Epidemiology of gonorrhoea, chlamydia and HIV in men who have sex with men, and evaluation of new prevention strategies.

Department of Neuroscience

Ms Min Kim
Developing novel therapeutic strategies to promote neuroprotection and neurorepair in progressive MS

Ms Anna Scovelle
Associations between Sleep and Attentional Control on the Anti-Saccade Task in 'Cognitively Vulnerable' Adults

Department of Surgery

Ms Geraldine Ooi
Clinical and pathophysiological aspects of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease in bariatric surgery

Monash Alfred Psychiatry research centre

Mr Xianwei Che
Examining the Role and Neurophysiological Mechanisms of Social Support in Pain Experience

Ms Elizabeth Thomas
Cognition across the schizotypy-schizophrenia continuum and the role of the glutamatergic system



Ms Ashlee Conway
Characterisation of red cell mutants identified in an ENU mutagenesis screen

Ms Maria Daglas
Investigating the long term effects of traumatic brain injury on the immune and fibrinolytic system

Mr Dominik Draxler
New approaches for traumatic brain injury

Miss Shauna French
Defining the function of the thrombin receptor, PAR4, on human platelets


Ms Liriye Kurtovic
The role of complement in antibody-mediated immune mechanisms against malaria


Mr Annas Al-Sharea
Modulation of hematopoiesis in cardiovascular disease

Mrs Shanzana Khan
The influence of y chromosome lineage on blood pressure regulation and vascular function

Ms My-Nhan Nguyen
Functional improvement anti-arrhythmic efficacy by anti-fibrotic inventions

Miss Maria Zaldivia
Investigations into the effects of renal denervation on monocyte activation in hypertension

Dr Benedict Costello
Non-Invasive Assessment of Central Haemodynamics and Cardiac Performance

Ms Dragana Dragoljevic
Mechanisms of accelerated atherogenesis in rheumatoid arthritis

Dr Alex Huang
Role of HMGB1 in atherothrombosis

Mr Waled Shihata
Pathophysiological Effects of High Intraluminal Pressure in Cardiovascular Disease

Burnet Institute

Ms Jessica Anania
Characterisation of a New Fc Receptor for Antibodies: Implications for Antibody Therapeutics in Cancer, Immunity and Infection

Ms Ashlee Burt
Characterisation of the Novel Influenza Haemagglutinin MicroCube Vaccine


Ms Marina Iacovou
Exploring the role of FODMAPs in the diet of breastfeeding mothers in alleviating symptoms of colic in breastfed infants

Ms Chu Yao
Exploring colonic fermentation and new technical applications for understanding functional & inflammatory bowel disease

Mrs Judith Moore
Novel interventional strategies for chronic constipation

Mr Soumya Majumdar
Clinical predictors and outcomes in cirrhosis and portal hypertension

Department of Immunology and Pathology including AIRMed

Mr Saeed Alrashdi
The contribution of inflammation to the development of retinal microvascular disease

Mr Timothy Gottschalk
Identifying and targeting signaling pathways in lupus using a clinically relevant model

Mr Andrew Guy
Computational approaches for examining the impact of protein structure and dynamics on malaria immunity

Dr Nirmala Kampan
The role of immune responses in preventing relapse in women with epithelial ovarian cancer

Ms Kirsty Wilson
Investigating nanoparticle based vaccines for the optimal induction of CD8 T cell responses against minimal peptide epitopes

Mr Nikolce Kocovski
Therapeutic Monoclonal Antibodies to Snake Venom

Ms Pin Quah
The roles of BAFF, B , NK and NKT cells in solid tumours

Miss Mahtab Parvaresh
The role of NFKB molecules in NK cell development

Kristopher Nilsen
Detection and quantification of ventilation heterogeneity in asthma using hyperpolarised helium MRI

Department of Medicine including APoM, DID, MSHC and AIRmed

Miss Sarila Gulcan
Role of histone methyltransferase Set7 in cardiac gene regulation and mitochondrial function

Mr Ishant Khurana
Epigenomic profile of Type 1 diabetes: FinnDiane 200 study

Mr Scott Maxwell
The biochemical characterisation of MeCP2 in the brain

Dr Nicholas Medland
Accessible but not accessed: Optimising Engagement with Antiretoviral Therapy

Mr Yow Tham
Protecting the heart and other organs in a setting of obesity

Dr Michelle Yong
The use of a novel interferon-gamma release assay (Quantiferon) to characterrise immunilogical and cytomegalovirus (CMV) clinical outcomes in HIV infected and transplant patients

Mr Pacific Huynh
The role of CDA1 in an Experimental Model of  Diabetes-Associated Renal Fibrosis

Dr Vincent Cornelisse
Gonococcal transmission patterns in Australia

Mr Sung Chung
Developing optimal methods for theta burst prefrontal brain stimulation

Department of Surgery and NTRI

Master's students

Mr Charles Milne
Inner Branched Endografts for the Treatment of AorticArch Aneurysms

Ms Nicola Sandler
The inflammatory response to surgery

Dr Luke Wang
Long term outcomes of radiation vs surgery for prostate cancer



Mr James McFadyen
Investigating the mechanisms of platelet hyperactivity in diabetes mellitus

Ms Ioanna Savvidou
Role of  Wnt pathway dysregulation in Multiple Myeloma (MM)

Baker Institute

Mr Paddy Dempsey
Breaking Up Prolonged Sitting: Implications for Prevention and Management of Type 2 Diabetes

Mr Anmar Khan
Analysis of the Plasma and HDL lipidomes in Metabolic Syndrome patients following weight loss and weight loss plus exercise treatments

Mr Man Kit Lee
Lipid Matabolism in different monocyte and macrophage subsets in cardiovascular disease

Ms Hannah Pearce
VCAM-1 targeted AAV6 gene therapy for atherosclerosis treatment

Ms Gulcan Sarial
Set 7 regulates mitochondrial genes in the heart

Ms Natasha Tuano
Role of the lysine methyltransferase Set7 in smooth muscle gene expression and function


Ms Marina Iacovou
Possible role of poorly absorbed short chain carbohydrates (FODMAPs) in the genesis of infant colic

Ms Caroline Tuck
Adjunctive therapy to the low FODMAP dietary management of Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Dr Mark Ward
Therapeutic optimization in patients with inflammatory bowel disease

Ms Chu Kion Yao
Exploring colonic fermentation and new technical applications for understanding functional & inflammatory bowel disease


Miss Yaping Chen
Aberrant T helper cells in Autoimmune diseases

Ms Maria Demaria
The function of leucocyte-specific tetraspanins CD37 and CD53 in the immune system - regulators of leucocyte migration

Mr Qian Gao
Developing a therapeutic nano-vaccine against ovarian cancer

Dr Li Jiaze
Role of CDA1 in vascular disease

Ms Eleanor Jones
A reserve genetic approach to tetraspanin CD82

Mr Craig McKenzie
The immunomodulatory role of short chain fatty acids

Ms Kirsty Wilson
Enhancing the immune response to vaccines using nanoparticles


Mrs Natalia Contreras
Cognitive Remediation in Schizophrenia - improving our theoretical understandings and translation into practice

Mr Phillip Law
Investigating binocular rivalry in healthy individuals and bipolar disorder: excluding confounds and optimising methods for large-scale endophenotype studies


Anaesthesia and Perioperative medicine

Dr David McIlroy
Perioperative acute kidney injury (AKI): diagnostic criteria, risk factors and the challenge of early recognition


Mr Charles Milne
Inner branched endografts for the treatment of aortic arch aneurysms

Ms Nicola Sandler
The inflammatory response to surgery



Mr Tse-Chieh Teh
Targeting survival pathways in acute myeloid leukaemia


Dr Mei Choy
Targeted delivery of MMP14 inhibitor in a nanodrug construct for stabilization of unstable atherosclerotic plaques to prevent plaque rupture

Ms Elise Di Marco
Exploring the roles of NADPH oxidase (NOX) isoforms, NOX1 and NOX4 in the accelerated development and progression of atherosclerosis in diabetes

Dr Nay Min Htun
Chatacterization and diagnosis of atherosclerosis: imaging and urine proteomics

Mr Aaron McClelland
MicroRNA-21 in diabetic nephropathy and a cross-sectional analysis of the role of TGF Beta in proximal tubule epithelial cells and mesangial cells

Mr Ashish Nair
Activated platelets: a potential new diagnostic and  therapeutic target in preclinical experimental autoimmune  encephalomyelitis (EAE), a murine model of multiple sclerosis


Ms Sreepurna Malakar
Understanding food hypersensitivity: identifying clinical targets and biomarkers of non-coeliac gluten intolerance

Ms Simone Peters
Exploring the link between mental health and functional gastrointestinal disorders

Immunology including Van Cleef/Roet and AIRMed

Ms Louise Rowntree
The combination of common viral hits and heterologous immunity strongly influences clinical outcomes in 'at risk' lungs

Dr Astrid Voskamp
Clinical Allergy: Basophils, T cells and Therapeutic Design

Ms Tong (Pam) Zhu
The role of renin angiotensin system in retinal inflammation

Infectious Diseases

Ms Janet Gare
Antiretroviral therapy in Papua New Guinea: biological and social factors contributing to HIV treatment failure and drug resistance

Ms Nitasha Kumar
Dendritic cell regulation of HIV-1 latency in CD4+ T-cells


Ms Sacha Filia
A comprehensive assessment of factors related to smoking and other cardiovascular disease risk factors among people experiencing severe mental illness

Ms Amity Green
A biological and clinical investigation of episodic memory encoding deficits in schizophrenia

Mr Phillip Hall
A neuroeconomic investigation into major depression and anhedonia

Medicine including MSHC and AIRMed

Ms Amani Alrehaili
The role of NgR on microglial activity within MS lesions and EAE

Ms Maha Bakhuraysah
Identifying the immune function of NgR in EAE and multiple sclerois

Mr Antony Friedman
When old drugs become new again - optimising thiopurine metabolism to improve clinical outcomes in patients with inflammatory bowel disease

Sara Mokhtar
The amyloid-beta-dependent phosphorylation of CRMP-2 and its contribution in Alzheimer's disease

Mr Jae Young
Targeting the molecular mechanisms of axonal degeneration, demyelination and remyelination in mulitple sclerosis



Dr Zane Kaplan
Biochemical and biomechanical factors regulating leukocyte-thrombus interactions

Dr Belden Mado
Investigation of New Anti-clotting approaches

Dr Sewa Rijal
Characterizing the role of inositol polyphosphate 4-phosphatase type II (INPP4B) in acute myeloid leukaemia

Baker IDI

Dr Prabhu Mathiyalagan
Role of histone modifications and chromatin interacting non-coding RNAs in regulating cardiac gene transcription

Dr Jonathan Habersberger
Proinflammatory effects of monomeric C reactive protein in vascular endothelium

Dr Michael Christopher
Dyslipidaemia resulting from obesity is a major contributor to the onset and progression of Type 2 diabetes

Burnet Institute

Dr Sarah Charnaud
Mechanism of protein export in the malaria parasite

Dr Brendan Elsworth
Characterisation of PTEX150 a core component of the malaria parasite export complex

Dr Khayriyyah Mohd Hanafiah
Dimeric IgA for serodiagnosis of active mucosal infections


Dr Evan Newnham
Shifting treatment paradigms in newly diagnosed coeliac disease

Infectious Disease

Dr Tanya Millard
The development and evaluation of an online self management program for men living with HIV in Australia


Dr Jodie Abramovitch
Influence of food processing on the humoral and cellular immune response to shared and unique allergens of crustacean species

Dr Ying Ying Kong
Effects of cancer cells on the cells of the dendritic cell lineage

Dr Mutsa Madondo
Immunomodulatory effects of cyclophosphamide: optimising treatment for improved efficacy in patients with refractory gynaecological cancers

Dr Benjamin Fancke
Dendritic cells: development, tolerance and immunity. A novel cross-species study

Dr Amit Joglekar
Mechanisms of immune tolerance following genetic manipulation and transplantation of bone marrow-haematopoietic stem cells


Dr Michael Cangkrama
Analysis of the grainyhead-like genes in mammalian development and disease

Dr Gabriela Khoury
HIV persistence on antiretroviral therapy - the role of homeostatic proliferation and T-cell trafficking

Dr Matthew Kitson
A study of the relationship between vitamin D status and the severity and outcomes of chronic non-cholestatic liver disease

Dr Janine Trevillyan
Pathogenesis and prevention of cariodvascular disease in HIV positive patients


Dr Melissa Kirkovski
The influence of biological sex on neurobiological mechanisms underlying austism spectrum disorder: An investigation of neural activity and connectivity


Dr Mark Fitzgerald
Computer-aided decision support for trauma reception and resuscitation

Dr Jeremy Ruben
Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy: Effect on Dose Distribution and Scattered Dose and Implications for Carcinogenesis

Dr Juliana Van Der Merwe
A comparison of pulsatile and non-pulsatile flow in ventricular assist devices: Effects on bacteraemia, end-organ function and vascular reactivity



Dr Eric Tan
Speech disturbances and quality of life in schizophrenia


Dr Amanda Au 
Investigating the effects of platelet-released factors (PRFs) on the brain

Dr Andrew Guirguis
Apoptosis and its regulation in myelodysplasia - using basic mouse models and human samples

Dr Miriel Ho
The bone and bone marrow interface and its relationship to haematopoiesis


Dr Aislin Meehan
Investigating the function of natural killer cells during Immunological responses following human lung transplantation

Baker IDI

Dr Karina Huynh
Targeting the increase in oxidative stress in diabetic cardiomyopathy using coenzyme Q10

Dr Leah Iles
Myocardial fibrosis in heart failure

Dr Jay Jha
Role of NADPH oxidases NOX1 and NOX4 in diabetic nephropathy: Genetic Deletion and Pharmacological inhibition studies

Dr Nicholas Lam 
Cardiac regeneration: effect of nerve growth factor

Dr Danielle Michell 
Hypertension induced inflammation in the endothelium:  The signalling pathways involved

Dr Mansur Shmela
Regulation of genomic imprinting at the human 11p15 region

Dr David White
The role of macrophage migration inhibitory factor in post-infarct inflammation and cardiac remodelling

Dr Yih Yap
Advanced glycation end products (AGEs) and receptor for AGEs (RAGE) in pancreatic beta-cell dysfunction


Dr Emma Halmos 
Management of irritable bowel syndrome and enteral nutrition associated diarrhoea by reducing intake of poorly absorbed sugars


Dr Jainxiong Chan
The intracellular localisation of ATP13A2 and its possible role in cholesterol and manganese transport

Dr Devy Deliyanti 
An evaluation of aldosterone's pathogenic role in the ischemic and diabetic retina

Dr Chindu Govindaraj 
The role of TNFR2+ regulatory T cells in cancer

Dr Rohimah Mohamud
Investigation of a novel subset of TNFR2 expressing regulatory T cell in lung diseases

Dr Zeyad Nasa
The establishment of immune tolerance through genetic manipulation of haematopoietic stem cells


Dr Nigel Rogasch 
The relationship between depression and dysfunctional coordination of neural activity as measured by EEG Activity


Dr Christina Chang 
Immunopathogenesis and diagnosis of cryptococcal-associated immune restoration disease in people with HIV

Dr Perdita Cheshire 
Is dysfunction of the serotonin system responsible for L-DOPA induced dyskinesias in Parkinson's disease?

Dr Andris Ellims
Ventricular remodelling in cardiomyopathy - impact on ventricular physiology and cardiovascular outcomes

Dr Kathryn Hackman
Diabetes Mellitus in Lung Transplant Recipients - prevalence, risk factors and effect on survival

Dr Jeremy Wrobel 
Pulmonary hupertension in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease


Dr Philip Lewis
Measurement of cerebral autoregulation: clinical, physiological and technical concepts

Dr Silvana Marasco
Surgical rib rixation

Dr Emma Tavender
Improving the management of mild traumatic brain injury in the emergency department


Mr Casey Lo
Right ventricular mechanical support in pre-cardiac transplant patients



Dr Saheb Al-Daher 
Studying platelet prothrombotic mechanisms in diabetes mellitus

Dr Hannah Lee 
Defining the roles of protease-activated receptors in thrombosis

Dr Cindy Lin 
The role of phosphatase CD45 in determining the signalling, proliferation and therapeutic drug sensitivities of human myeloma cells

Dr Bernadine Lu 
Structural and functional analysis of the interaction of plasmin lysine binding sites with antiplasmin C-terminus

Dr Be'Eri Niego
Effects of tissue-type plasminogen activator on the structure and function of the blood-brain barrier in health and disease

Dr Jianlin Qiao 
Shedding of platelet receptors in health and disease

Baker IDI

Dr Micah Burch 
A novel link between G-protein coupled receptors and serine/theonline kinase receptors in the regulation of proteoglycan synthesis in vascular smooth muscle

Dr Lisa Chang 
Gene activity patterns associated with the development of pathological cardiac hypertrophy are mediated by specific epigenetic changes

Dr Brooke Harcourt 
RAGE, adipose derived estrogens and dietary AGEs; interactions in obesity induced kidney disease

Dr Samuel Keating 
The role of epigenetic chomatin remodelling in the expression of genes relevant to diabetic nephropathy

Dr Sebastian Lunke
Epigenetic regulation of the human survival of motor neuron gene in spinal muscular atrophy.

Dr Jenny Ooi 
The role of chromatin modifiers and DNA methylation in transcription regulation during cardiac hypertrophy


Masters student

Dr Salena Ward
Investigation of Pancreatic Exocrine Function in Patients Undergoing Resection of Upper-Gastrintestinal Cancer


Dr Christopher Chan 
The role of NK cell receptors in immunity and cancer

Dr Hong-An Nguyen
The activin A/follistatin axis in regulation of airway inflammation and remodelling using a murine model of chronic allergic asthma


Dr Neil Bailey
The relationship between depression and dysfunctional coordination of neural activity as measured by EEG Activity

Dr Erica Neill
Investigating the neural basis of memory impairments in schizophrenia


Dr Judith Allen-Graham 
Inhibition of APP and APLP2 using siRNA to investigate protein function and Alzheimer's disease

Dr Philipp Diehl
New diagnostic and therapeutic strategies in thrombosis and inflammation.

Dr Sarah Hellewell
Pathophysiology and therapeutic strategies for the treatment of traumatic brain injury: investigating the role of erythropoietin

Dr James Mcmahon
Social and behavioural factors associated with poor outcomes in patients infected with HIV on antiretroviral therapy

Dr Dion Stub 
Improving prognosis in Out Of Hospital cardiac arrest utilising circulatory support



Dr Jin Tee
Predictors of Functional Outcomes of Patients with Traumatic Spine Fractures



Dr Rachael Borg
Investigation into the interaction between tissue-type plasminogen activator and dead neuronal cells

Dr Katherine Monaghan
Microenvironmental factors impacting on multiple myeloma drug resistance

Dr Jessica Mountford
Defining the cellular functions of class II P13Ks

Baker IDI

Dr Sacha Mei Leng Khong
The role of arginase I and II in the vasculature

Dr Poay Sian Lee
Immunopathogenesis and diagnosis of cryptococcal-associated immune restoration disease in people with HIV

Department of Gastroenterology

Dr Jessica Biesiekierski
Understanding the role of gluten in the genesis of gastrointestinal symptoms in individuals who do not have coeliac disease

Department of Immunology

Dr Craig Nicholls
The molecular regulation of telomeres and telomerase

Dr Louis Meng-Chin Tsai
Novel mechanisms of T and B lymphocyte homeostasis and differentiation

Department of Medicine

Dr Dilinie Herbert (Centre for Ethics in Medicine and Society)
Attitudes, beliefs and experiences of genetic testing: A study of the haemophilia community.

Dr Mukherjee Swati
Role of oxidative stress in coronary artery disease and its clinical presentations

Dr Gregor Frederik Lichtfuss
Signals through ITAM

Dr Michael Roche
Understanding HIV-1 entry: insights through the envelope protein

Dr Emma Tippett
Contribution of moncyte subset to HIV-1 viral reservoirs


Department of Medicine

Dr Christine Ball
A history of anaesthesia


Baker IDI

Dr William Chan
Novel aspects of acute coronary syndromes, reperfusion injury, and post‐infarction myocardial


Dr Mohammad Al-Tamimi
Transition of platelet receptor shedding: platelet‐specific collagen receptor GPVI

Dr Yen Pham
The profibrotic role of CDA1 in modulating the down stream targets of TGF‐beta in a diabetic model
of atherosclerosis

Department of Medicine

Dr Edwina Wright
HIV neurological disease: Asia Pacific regional prevalence and response to different antiretroviral
treatment strategies across international resource‐varied settings

Dr Vanessa Evans
Dendritic cell and T cell interactions: their role in HIV‐1 spread and latency

Dr Daniel Cowley
Transcriptional regulation of human immunodeficiency virus type‐1 in the central nervous system

Dr Mark Berzsenyi
Chronic Hepatitis C virus infection: aspects of GB virus C & Human Immunodeficiency Virus coinfection,
associations with reduced liver disease and immunity

Dr Dianne Goeman
Improving the quality and content of General Practice Consultations for people with asthma

Dr Roslin Botlero
Prevalence, incidence and associated risk factors of urinary incontinence, its socio‐economic
consequences and impact on quality of life in women in Australia

Dr Reena Rajasuriar
Predictors of drug hypersensitivity reactions in HIV infected patients


Dr Irene Szollosi (Medicine)
Central sleep apnoea in heart failure: diagnosis, pathophysiology and treatment

MBiomedSc (Part 1)

Ms Hannah Ambrose
Survey of current usage, attitudes and barriers to information systems in healthcare


Dr Alexis Adamides (Surgery)
Multimodality neuromonitoring in severe traumatic brain injury

Dr Julie Dwyer (Immunology)
Molecular regulation of the enzyme telomerase in cancer

Dr Jacqueline Flynn (Immunology)
The stimulation and maintenance of T cell responses in early HCV infection

Dr Mary Panjari (Medicine)
A randomized trial of oral DHEA treatments for sexual function, wellbeing, and menopausal symptoms in postmenopausal women with low libido

Dr Trifina Sofian (ACBD)
Structural and functional characterisation of the serpin; alpha2- antiplasmin

Dr Gautam Vaddadi (BakerIDI/Medicine)
Sympathetic nervous system dysfunction in postural syncope phenotypes