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CCS Postgraduate Students

Central Clinical School (CCS), in association with Alfred Health, the Burnet and BakerIDI research institutes, has 154 postgraduate students undertaking medical research in a wide variety of subject areas, ranging from basic research to translational clinical settings. This page lists current PhD and Masters students enrolled in CCS and annual completions. To see students in particular departments, click on the department links below. Note, most people's contact details can be found through the Monash staff directory.


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2014 HDR symposium

2014 HDR symposium winners large

PhD students with Prof Robyn O'Hehir, head of the Department of Allergy, Immunology and Respiratory Medicine (AIRMed) at the 2014 HDR symposium held on 19 November

Australian Centre for Blood Diseases (ACBD)

Ms Reem Alzayer
Proteolysis of adhesive proteins in vascular disease

Dr Sung Kai Chiu
Defining the role of LYL1 and NF-kappaB in T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia

Ms Maria Daglas
Investigating the long term effects of TBI on the immune and fibrinolytic system.

Mr Thomas Fulford
The role of the NFkB transcription factor RelA in the function and homeostasis of CD4+ regulatory T

Dr Andrew Guirguis
Apoptosis and its regulation in myelodysplasia - using basic mouse models and human samples.

Ms Miriel Ho
The bone and bone marrow interface and its relationship to haematopoiesis

Ms Anna Kalff
Multiple myeloma- stratergies to predict outcomes in the era of novel anti-myeloma therapies

Mr Zane Kaplan
Determining the role of GPIb binding to thrombin specifically pertaining to its effect on fibrin generation and impact on leukocyte - platelet interaction

Ms Hui Peng Lim
Roles of the NF-kB transcription factors in Acute Myeloid Leukaemia

Mr James McFadyen
PI3 Kinase Inhibitors as adjunct thrombolytic therapies

Ms Sewa Rijal
Prognostic significance of phosphoinositide signalling in acute myeloid leukaemia

Dr Peter Tan
Exploring novel molecular targets for the therapy of acute myeloid leukaemia

Mr Tse-Chieh Teh
The role of osteopontin (Opn) in acute myeloid leukaemia (AML) and its feasibility as a drug target

Department of Allergy, Immunology and Respiratory medicine (AIRmed)

Ms Jodie Abramovitch
Influence of food processing on the allergic immune response to allergens of crustacean species

Ms Tara Bull
CCSP as a biomarker post lung transplantation: genetic predisposition, abundance and function

Dr Kirk Keh Kee
The effects of heart failure on the lung

Ms Aislin Meehan
Investigating the function of natural killer cells during Immunological responses following lung transplantation

Ms Rohimah Mohamud
Investigating the effects of environmental stimuli on regulatory T cells (Tregs) in the lung

Ms Louise Rowntree
Does anti-viral T cell cross-reactivity reach clinical significance in human lung transplantation

Mr Jeremy Wrobel
Pulmonary hupertension in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Baker/IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute

Mr Wayne Childs
Novel metabolic actions of HDL with therapeutic potential for type 2 diabeties

Mr Michael Christopher
Dyslipidaemia resulting from obesity is a major contributor to the onset and progression of Type 2 diabetes.

Mr Paddy Dempsey
Sedentary behaviour: Dose response & implications toward cardio-metabolic risk & health outcomes

Miss Elyse Di Marco
Role of inflammation in diabetes-associated atherosclerosis

Mr Steven Fernandez
L-argine transport in obesity dependent hypertersion

Mr Daniel Fineberg
The epigenetic dysregulation of obesogenic hypothalamic genes by maternal diet

Dr Nay Min Htun
Monomeric CRP as Inflammatory Mediator and Therapeutic Target in Acute Coronary Syndrome

Ms Karina Huynh
Role of antioxidant and PE3K(p110a) approaches for rescuing diabetic cardiomyopathy.

Mr Jay Jha
The impact of diabetes induced oxidative stress and oxidant mediated vascular and renal injury

Mr Anmar Khan
High density lipoprotein (HDL) composition and functionality in type 2 diabetes

Ms Shanzana Khan
A new approach to prevention of acute kidney injury after cardiac surgery

Mr Prabhu Mathiyalagan
Cardiac ventricular chambers are epigenetically distinguishable

Mr Aaron McClelland
MicroRNA-21 in Diabetic Nephropathy: a multifaceted, pathological factor

Ms Ashlea Murphy
Composition of lipoproteins, their effect on vascular function and contribution to atherosclerosis.

Mr Ashish Nair
Antifungal drugs can affect the immune fuction of T, natural killer and dendritic cells

Ms Gulcan Sarila
Set 7 as an appropriate target to reduce the burden of diabetic vascular and renal complications

Mr Mansur Shmela
Regulation of genomic imprinting at the human 11p15 region

Ms Natasha Tuano
Epigenetic basis for persistence of hyperglycemic variability in mouse embryonic stem cells.

Mr David White
Macrophage Migration Inhibitory Factor (MIF): Pathological and therapeutic significance in post-myocardial infarct inflammation

Burnet Institute jointly with Departments of Immunology & Medicine PhD students

Ms Sarah Charnaud
Supporting protein export in Plasmodium falciparum: A novel HSP70

Mr Brendan Elsworth
Characterisation of the Plasmodium falciparum translocon protein PTEX150

Ms Janet Gare
Antiretroviral therapy in Papua New Guinea: biological and social factors contributing to treatment outcome in HIV infected individuals

Mrs Tanya Millard
The development and evaluation of an online self management program for men living with HIV

Mrs Siti Mohd Hanafiah
Dimeric IgA and cell wall components of M. tuberculosis  as tools in point-of-care  diagnostics

Department of Gastroenterology

Dr Mayur Garg
The Renin-Angiotensin System and Vitamin D in Inflammatory Bowel Disease: Novel Mechanisms and Management

Dr Ilana Gory
Cystic fibrosis and colorectal cancer

Ms Marina Iacovou
Possible role of poorly absorbed short chain carbohydrates (FODMAPs) in the genesis of infant colic

Ms Sreepurna Malakar
Understanding food hypersensitivity: identifying clinical targets and biomarkers of non-coeliac gluten intolerance

Mr Evan David Newnham
Shifting treatment paradigms in newly diagnosed coeliac disease

Ms Simone Peters
The role of wheat gluten in the genesis of gastrointestinal symptoms and fatigue in NCGI patients

Dr Hamish Philpott
The significance or aeroallergens in eosinophilic esophagitis

Ms Caroline Tuck
Use of oral -galactosidases in conjunction with the Low FODMAP diet to treat IBS

Ms Chu Kion Yao
Predictive Factors of the Respondent vs Non-Respondent IBS Patient to low FODMAP Diet vs Probiotics

Department of Immunology

Mr Victor Anyanji
The role of TACI and the innate immune system in B cell tolerance

Ms Fiona Yih-Ling Chan
The role of thymus epithelium in establishing immune tolerance in three mouse models of autoimmune gastritis

Dr Mei Yee Choy
Stabilizing unstable atheromas by inhibiting activity of matrix metalloproteinases (MMP) using zinc

Mr Jie-Yu Chung
Mechanisms of tolerance following ectopic autoantigen expression

Ms Maria Demaria
The function of leucocyte-specific tetraspanins CD37 and CD53 in the immune system.

Mr Benjamin Fancke
Dendritic cells: development, tolerance and immunity. A novel cross-species study.

Mr Qian Gao
Developing a therapeutic nano-vaccine against ovarian cancer

Mr Timothy Gottschalk
Identifying and targeting signaling pathways in lupus using a clinically relevant model

Ms Elisha Horat
The role of NFκB1 in lymphocyte homeostasis and autoimmunity

Mr Abhirup Jayasimhan
Probing the pathogenesis of type 1 diabetics by studying the role of MHC class 1 expression on pancreatic ductal lineage cells

Mr Amit Joglekar
Mechanisms of tolerance following genetic manipulation and transfer of bone marrow stem cells

Ms Eleanor Jones
A reserve genetic approach to tetraspanin CD82

Ms Indzi Katik
Regulation of telomerase activity and telomere remodeling in lymphocytes

Ms Ying Ying Kong
Effects of cancer cells on the cells of the dendritic cell lineage

Mr Jiaze Li
Roles of CDA1 in vascular diseases

Mr Mutsa Madondo
Study of the principles for the design of optimal nanoparticle based cancer vaccines

Ms Kirsten Morris
Towards developing cytokines as therapeutics for infections in pigs

Miss Hannah Pearce
Antibody Targeted Virus Particles for a Gene Therapy Approach to Inhibiting Atheroschlerosis

Ms Pin Shie Quah
The roles of BAFF, B , NK and NKT cells in solid tumours

Mr Damien Saulep-Easton
Re-evaluating Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia Pathogenesis: implications for therapy

Mr Dean Talia
The role of the adaptive immune system in the formation and progression of retinopathy

Dr Fabien Vincent
Role of BAFF and the T-independent innate immune system in lupus pathogenesis

Ms Leanne Wang
Development of cancer immunotherapy using gene-engineered T cells in a self-antigen mouse model

Miss Yih Teng (Felicia) Yap
The Contribution of AGEs and the Receptors to Beta Cell Dysfunction

Ms Cai (Carol) Zhang
The possible mechanism of hematopoietic stem-cell transfer on the immune tolerance in NOD mice

Ms Pam Zhu
Prorenin and prorenin receptor: Mechanisms of action in diabetic retinopathy

Department of Infectious Diseases

Dr Christina Chang
Immunopathogenesis and diagnosis of cryptococcal-associated immune restoration disease in people with HIV

Ms Gabriela Khoury
Viral reservoirs- role of naive T-cells in the pathogenesis of T-Cell decline and long term persistence of HIV infection

Ms Nitasha Kumar
Dendritic cell (DC) induced HIV latency in resting CD4 T-Cells

Dr Katherine Langan
Continuous-infusion anti-pseudomonal beta-lactams for the treatment of acute, infective pulmonary exacerbations in cystic fibrosis: a prospective randomised controlled trial

Mr James McMahon
Social and behavioural factors associated with poor outcomes in patients infected with HIV on antiretroviral therapy

Dr Kasha Singh
Dissecting mechanisms of liver disease progression in HIV-Hepatitis B co-infection

Ms Janine Trevillyan
Pathogenesis and prevention of cariodvascular disease in HIV positive patients

Ms Fiona Wightman
The use of Histone Deacetlyase inhibitors to reverse HIV-1 latency

Dr Michelle Yong
Detection and clinical significance of CMV specific T cell immunity following transplantation

Department of Medicine

Mr Michael Cangkrama
Analysis of the grainyhead-like genes in mammalian development and disease

Dr Michael Chapman
The ethics of decision making at the end of life

Dr Luke Chen
Methecillin-resistant staphyloccoccus aureus (MRSA) bloodstream and surgival site infections in community hospitals: Epidemilogy, risk factors, and patient outcomes

Dr Andris Ellims
Ventricular remodelling in cardiomyopathy - impact on ventricular physiology and cardiovascular outcomes

Dr Kathryn Hackman
Risk factors for diabetes and vascular disease after lung transplantation: focus on CMV infection

Dr Leah Maree Iles
Myocardial fibrosis and heart failure

Mr Ishant Khurana
Chromatin immunopurification strategies for the application and standardisation of next generation sequencing

Dr Matthew Kitson
A study of the relationship between vitamin D status and outcomes of chronic liver disease

Ms Kai Syin Lee
Analysis of Inositol compounds as a therapeutic intervention in squamous cell carcinoma (SCC)

Ms Evelyn Lindsay (Van Cleef)
Cerebellar disease: Exploring the application, reliability and validity of a diagnostic instrument for quantifying ataxia of the upper limbs

Ms Danielle Michell
Hypertension induced inflammation in the endothelium:  The signalling pathways involved.

Ms Amber Moore (CEMS)
Philosophical and professional aspects of Chinese medicine

Miss Melanie Voevodin (CEMS)
Can dietitians turn around the obesity epidemic?

Ms Xiaowei Wang
Novel single-chain antibody-targeted microbubbles for molecular ultrasound imaging of thrombosis and thrombolysis

MD Student

Mr Antony Friedman
Use of allopurinol in azathioprine/6-MP non-responders to optimise 6-TGN and improve outcomes

MD (Supervised) Students

Ms Angeline Shu-Lin Leet
Myocardial fibrosis and function after heart transplantation- factors involved in myocardial collagen turnover and relationship to clinical symptoms and outcome.

Dr Eileen Merriman
Management of distal DVT-A  treatment paradigm

Masters student

Mr Guy Marquis
Doubtful knowledge - The intimacy of science and uncertainty in medicine

Monash Alfred Psychiatric Research Centre (MAPrc)

Dr Sarah Abrahamson
Sensory aspects of adult high-functioning Autism spectrum disorders

Mr Rodney Anderson
The neurophysiological mechanisms underlying the therapeutic effects of TMS for TRD

Ms Tingting Cao
Blood Oxygenation Changes Resulting from Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation of Prefrontal Cortex

Mrs Natalia Contreras
An investigation of semantic memory in first-episode psychosis

Ms Jodie Feil
Inhibition in major depressive disorder

Ms Sacha Louise Filia
Monitoring and Improving Outcomes and qualify of life with severe schizophrenia - A biopsychosocial approach

Mr Phillip Hall
A Neuroeconomic investigation into clinical depression and anhedonia

Miss Melissa Kirkovski
Neural connectivity in autism spectrum disorders

Mr Phillip Law
Investigating perceptual rivalry as a psychiatric biomarker

Mr Tony Letic
Investigating the neural correlates of brain stimulation on neurocognition.

Mr Gershon Spitz
Developing a biopsychosocial model to explain the relationship between organic, cognitive, psychiatric, and functional outcomes following traumatic brain injury (TBI)

Mr Eric Tan
Speech disturbances and quality of life in schizophrenia

Department of Surgery and NTRI

Mr Philip Lewis
Methodological considerations in cerebral autoregulation assessment

Mr David Oehme
Lumbar disc repair and regeneration

Dr Elena Shek (NTRI)
Supporting the best care based on the best available research in neurotrauma

Mr Hugh Stephens
The Potential for Organ Donation in Australia - What is Really Possible?

Ms Emma Tavender (NTRI)
Management of mild traumatic brain injury in the emergency department: Barriers, enablers to evidence uptake and development of an intervention to facilitate best practice and improve patient outcomes

Ms. Juliana Van Der Nerwe
Exercise haemodynamics in patients with a centrifugal (non-pulsatile) flow pump and the need for a physiological controller to adjust pump speed during exercise

Masters student

Mr Casey Lo
Right ventricular mechanical support in pre-cardiac transplant patients