2014-15 Mid-year General Honours

2012 Mid-year Honours students
2013 Mid-year Honours students Miss Jing Pan, Ms Priscilla Loh and Mr Qingguang Han with Honours Coordinator A/Prof Mark Wright

2014-15 Mid-year General Honours

This is the resource page for current mid-year Honours students.

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  • 2014-15 Mid-year General Honours students

    Sachin Gamage 

    Sachintha Gamage - BiomedSc(Hons)
    Thesis title: The effects of long ITI (LITI) and short ITI (SITI) rTMS measured by ECT and NIRS
    Supervisor: Dr Richard Thompson and Dr Rebecca Seagrave
    Department: MAPrc

    Kyal Young Kyal Young - BSc(Hons)
    Thesis title: Examining signalling pathway changes in human lupus
    Supervisor: A/Prof Margaret Hibbs
    Department: Immunology


    General Honours Co-ordinator's office (Click on the map below to download larger version: 264 KB Pdf)

    Map: General Honours Co-ordinator's office

    Mid-year General Honours calendar

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