2014 Honours group

2014 Central Clinical School (CCS) Honours program

2014 CCS Honours students
2014 Honours students
L-R Front row: James Ong, Hammid Qayum, Louisa Yeung, Stephanie Hill, Cassandra Dejrangsi, Liriye Kurtovic, Yu Anne Yap
L-R Second row: Vanessa Orlowski, Elizabeth Lim, Ashlee Burt, Trish Veitch, Priscilla Lu, Alexandra Whillas, Eloise Anderson, Edwina Jap, Tanveer Ahmed
L-R Standing: Adam Rickard, Caroline Soliman, Youry Kim, Georgia Walter, Harley Owens, Sijie Shen, Sarah Perruzza, Puizheng Ko, Jeremy Anderson, Jodie Taylor, Timothy Patton, Emilie Rutland, Ellen Mathieson, Stephanie Orive, Si Khiang Trinh, Speros Thomas, Jonathan McCafferty, Darcy Ellis, Nathan Sturgess, Jeremy Fuller
Absent: Katherine O’Flaherty



Ms Laisa Tigarea, CCS Student Services Officer, laisa.tigarea@monash.edu ph +61 3 9903 0027


General Honours Co-ordinator's office (Click on the map below to download larger version: 264 KB Pdf)

Map: General Honours Co-ordinator's office 

See link for CCS Bachelor of Medical Science (BMedSc) Honours students. This is a separate Honours stream for MBBS students.

2014 CCS Honours handbook (3.4mb pdf)

2014 Honours Students

i. BBiomedSc(Hons)


Eloise Alison Miss Eloise Alison
The role of diets on immune responses and immune diseases
Supervisors: Prof Fabienne Mackay, Dr William Figgett
Department: Immunology
Jeremy Anderson Mr Jeremy Anderson
How does CD53 regulate lymphocytes on patrol?
Supervisors: A/Prof Mark Wright, Ms Janet Wee
Department: Immunology
Ashlee Burt Miss Ashlee Burt
Microcube vaccine development
Supervisors: Ms Rosemary Ffrench, Dr Fasseli Coulibaly
Department: Immunology
Jeremy Fuller Mr Jeremy Fuller
Defining chronic lung allograft dysfunction following lung transplantation.
Supervisors: Dr Glen Westall, Prof Greg Snell and A/Prof Jenny Rolland
Department: Immunology
Youry Kim Ms Youry Kim
Histone deacetylase inhibitors and activation of retroviruses
Supervisors: Prof Sharon Lewin, Ms Ajantha Solomon
Department: Immunology
Pui Ko Ms Pui Zheng Ko
Examing the role of diet in the development of lupus
Supervisors: A/Prof Margaret Hibbs, Dr Evelyn Tsantikos
Department: Immunology
Elizabeth Lim

Miss Elizabeth Lim
Genes and cognition in schizophrenia
Supervisors: Dr Caroline Gurvich, Dr Erica Neill
Department: MAPrc

Priscilla Lu Miss Priscilla Lu
Mechanisms contributing to low salt-induced atherogenesis
Supervisors: Prof Jaye Chin-Dusting, Dr Andrew Murphy
Department: Immunology
Jojathan McCafferty Mr Jonathan McCafferty
Defining the role of a novel regulator of platelet production and function
Supervisors: Dr Justin Hamilton, A/Prof Philip Thompson
Department: Immunology
Stephanie Orive Miss Stephanie Orive
Development of novel approaches to dissolve pathological blood clots
Supervisors: Ms Anita Horvath, Dr Simone Schoenwaelder
Department: Immunology
Harley Owens Mr Harley Owens
The role of the grainy head- like genes in neural cell proliferation and death
Supervisors: Dr Sebastian Dworkin, Prof Stephen Jane
Department: Immunology
Sarah Perruzza Miss Sarah Perruzza
Understanding and targeting regulatory T cells (Treg) to promote better outcomes for patients with ovarian cancer
Supervisors: Prof Magdalena Plebanski, Mr Mutsa Madondo
Department: Immunology
Adam Rickard

Mr Adam Samuel Rickard
Role of EMT modulators in haemotopoiesis and hematopoietic disease
Supervisors: A/Prof Jody Haigh, Dr Maggie Costa
Department: ACBD

Emilie Rutland Ms Emilie Rutland
Upstream regulation of the Gal genes
Supervisors: Dr Smitha Georgy, Dr Sebastian Dworkin
Department: Immunology
SJ Shen Mr Sijie Shen
Investigating diet-induced effects during fetal development
Supervisors: Dr Alison Thorburn, Dr Connie Wong
Department: Immunology
Caroline Soliman Miss Caroline Soliman
Development of peptide-based inhibitors for a host/pathogen target site on the Fc of antibodies
Supervisors: Dr Paul Ramsland, Dr Elizabeth Yuriev
Department: Immunology
Nathan Sturgess Mr Nathan Sturgess
The role of ReIA in Treg maturation, function and protection from airway inflammation
Supervisors: Prof Steven Gerondakis, Dr Robyn Slattery
Department: Immunology
Georgia Walter

Miss Georgia Walter
Contraceptive Use, Attitude and Experiences of Women with Psychosis
Supervisors: Prof. Jayashri Kulkarni, Ms Emory Gavrilidis
Department: MAPrc

Alexandra Whillas Miss Alexandra Whillas
The effect of hpyertension on leukocytes
Supervisors: Dr Amanda Sampson, Dr Andrew Murphy
Department: Immunology
Louisa Yeung Miss Louisa Yeung
Sex, tetraspanins and Dendritic cell migration
Supervisors: A/Prof Mark Wright, Dr Janet Wee
Department: Immunology

ii. BSc(Hons)


Cassandra Dejrangsi Ms Cassandra Dejrangsi
Nano particle based vaccines
Supervisors: Prof Magda Plebanski
Department: Immunology
Darcy Ellis Mr Darcy Ellis
The role of MHC Class 1 on neuronal cells in type 1 diabetes (TID)
Supervisor: A/Prof Robyn Slattery
Department: Immunology
Stephanie Hill Ms Stephanie Hill
Neurotransmitter leads in SCAI mouse cerebellum
Supervisor: Prof Elsdon Storey
Department: Medicine
Edwina Jap Ms Edwina Jap
Antibody targeted quantum dots for non-invasive, high-sensitivity detection of thrombosis and inflammation in Fluorescence Emission Computed Tomography
Supervisor: Prof Christoph Hagemeyer
Department: Baker IDI
Liriye Kurtovic Miss Liriye Kurtovic
Vaccines against malaria
Supervisors: Prof James Beeson and Dr Freya Fowkes
Department: Burnet Institute
Ellen Mathieson Miss Ellen Mathieson
The influence of NK cells on T cells responses in peanut allergic subjects
Supervisor: Dr Sarah Prickett
Department: AIRmed
Katherine O'Flaherty Miss Katherine O'Flaherty
Understanding the targets and mechanisms of human immunity to malaria
Supervisor: Dr Freya Fowkes
Department: Burnet Institute
James Ong Mr James Ong
Novel metabolite sensing GPCRs
Supervisor: Prof Charles Mackay and Dr Laurence Macia
Department: Immunology, Clayton
Vanessa Orlowski Miss Vanessa Orlowski
Exploring a Novel Function of Deferasirox in Myelodysplastic Syndrome: More than Just Iron Chelation?
Supervisor: Dr George Grigoriadis and Dr Ashish Banerjee
Department: ACBD
Tim Patton Mr Timothy Patton
Investigation of the Immunogenicity of a Novel HIV Env MicroCube Vaccine
Supervisor: Prof Rose Ffrench, Dr Fasseli Coulibaly and Dr Samantha Brandler
Department: Immunology
Hammid Qayum

Mr Hammid Qayum
To determine the impact of PAR (Protease Activated Receptor)-4 on thrombin generation/thrombus formation
Supervisors: Dr Justin Hamilton and Dr Elizabeth Gardiner
Department: ACBD

Speros Thomas Mr Speros Thomas
Limiting axonal degeneration in a model of multiple sclerosis
Supervisor: Dr Steven Petratos
Department: Medicine
Si Khiang Trinh

Mr Si Khiang Trinh
The effects of a novel HDL raising agent (RVX-208 on the HDL lipidome
Supervisor: Prof Bronwyn Kingwell, A/Prof Peter Meikle
Department: Baker IDI

Yu-Anne Yap Miss Yu Anne Yap
Type 1 diabetes and the influence of diet on the fate of T cells
Supervisor: Dr Eliana Marino
Department: Immunology, Clayton

iii Master of Biomedical Science (Part 1)


Tanveer Ahmed Mr Tanveer Ahmed
Therapeutic targeting of signal pathways at the intersection of apoptosis and cell metabolism in acute myeloid leukaemia
Supervisor: Dr Mark Guthridge and Dr Mellissa Brown
Department: ACBD
Trish Veitch Ms Trish Veitch
Supervisor: Dr Jane Muir
Department: Gastroenterology