2015 Honours group

2015 Central Clinical School (CCS) Honours program

2015 CCS Honours students
2015 Honours students
L-R, Standing: Alicia Ware, A/Prof Mark Wright, Melissa Biemond, Denise Doan, Mahtab Parvaresh, Jasper Cornish, Jacquie Boyle, Sasha Seneque, Jesse Hansen-Bartel, Nur Rosli, Krishen Thayanantha, Tayla Davidson, Suelyn Van Den Helm, Andrej Terzic, Song Gao, Rachael Lim, William McInnes, Angela Nguyen, Raymond Shim, Alyce Nichols, Paul Gill.

Seated: Marina Yousef, Nikolay Kozlov, Katerina Lau, Georgie Wray-McCann, Ellen McAllister, April Fiedler, Jarryd Anthonisz. Absent: Tian Zhou, Shamsul Kazi.


Ms Laisa Tigarea, CCS Student Services Officer, laisa.tigarea@monash.edu ph +61 3 9903 0027


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2015 Honours students

i) BBiomedSci(Hons)

Jarryd Anthonisz

Mr Jarryd Anthonisz
Therapies to circumvent impaired NO function for managing cardiovascular complications of diabetes
Supervisors: A/Prof Rebecca Ritchie, Dr Barb Kemp-Harper
Department: Baker IDI

Paul Gill

Mr Paul Gill
Characterisation of systemic epigenetic and immune effects of oral acetic acid in humans
Supervisors: Prof Peter Gibson, A/Prof Rosemary Ffrench
Department: Gastroenterology

Jesse Hansen Bartel

Mr Jesse Hansen-Bartel
The impact of opioid on cancer recurrence
Supervisors: Dr Sashendra Senthi, Dr Jeremy Ruben
Department: Surgery

Rachael Lim

Miss Rachael Lim
Role of the A1447881 gene in Marginal Zone Bcells
Supervisors: Prof Fabienne Mackay, Dr William Figgett
Department: Immunology


Mr Krishen Thayanantha
Validation of a predictive model to identify malignant lung nodules
Supervisors: Dr Jeremy Ruben, Dr Sashendra Senthi
Department: Surgery

Suelyn Van Den helm

Miss Suelyn Van Den Helm
Therapeutic Approaches for Targeting Oncogenes in Acute Myeloid Leukemia
Supervisors: Dr Mark Gutheridge, Dr Andrew Wei
Department: ACBD

Alicia Ware

Miss Alicia Ware
Investigation of vaccine delivery strategies to optimise antibody responses from malaria antigens
Supervisors: Dr Jack Richards, Dr Raffi Gugasyan
Department: Burnet Institute

Marina Yousef

Miss Marina Yousef
Investigating the molecular mechanism in epidermal homeostasis and cancer
Supervisor: Dr Charbel Darido
Department: Medicine


Melissa Biemond

Miss Melissa Biemond
Supervisor: Dr Steven Petratos
Department: Medicine

Jacquie Boyle

Miss Jacqueline Boyle
Function of a methyl transferase in stem cells and leukemia
Supervisor: A/Prof David Curtis
Department: ACBD

Jasper Cornish

Mr Jasper Cornish
The function of NFuB1 in follicular B cells
Supervisor: Dr Raffi Gugasyan
Department: Burnet Institute

Tayls Davidson

Miss Tayla Davidson
Combination HDAC inhibitor and Akt inhibitor therapy for multiple myeloma
Supervisor: Prof Andrew Spencer
Department: ACBD

April Fiedler

Miss April Fiedler
The role of metabolites in epigentic regulation of heart disease
Supervisor: Prof David Kaye
Department: Baker IDI

Nikolay Kozlov

Mr Nikolay Kozlov
Can brain stimulation enhance language learning
Supervisor: Dr Kate Hoy
Department: MAPRc

Katerina Lau

Miss Katerina Lau
Can brain stimulation enhance language learning
Supervisor: Dr Kate Hoy
Department: MAPRc

Ellen McAllister

Ms Ellen Mcallister
The role of PRMTS in B cells
Supervisors: Prof Fabienne Mackay, Dr Stefan Sonderegger
Department: Immunology

William McInnes

Mr William Mcinnes
Role of Zeb and Snai family of transcription factors in hemato
Supervisor: A/Prof Jody Haigh, Dr Catherine Carmichael
Department: ACBD

Angela Nguyen

Miss Angela Nguyen
Supervisors: Prof Fabienne Mackay, Dr Dan Andrews
Department: Immunology

Alyce Nicholla

Miss Alyce Nicholls
Supervisor: Dr Connie Wong
Department: Immunology, Clayton

Mahtab Parvaresh

Miss Mahtab Parvaresh
Molecular mechanisms that underpin DC cross presentation
Supervisor: Dr Mireille Lahoud
Department: Burnet Institute

Nur Rosli

Miss Nur Rosli
The role of endogenous annexin A1 in the progression of diabetes
Supervisor: A/Prof Rebecca Ritchie
Department: Baker IDI

Sasha Seneque

Miss Sasha Seneque
Supervisors: A/Prof Mark Wright, Prof Magda Plebanski
Department: Immunology

Raymond Shim

Mr Raymond Shim
Targeting iNKT cells as a novel approach to reduce post-stroke infections
Supervisor: Dr Connie Wong
Department: Immunology, Clayton

Andrej Terzic

Mr Andrej Terzic
Role of methyltransferases in JAR-STAT signalling
Supervisor: A/Prof David Curtis
Department: ACBD

Georgie Wray-Mccann Miss Georgie Wray-McCann
Targeting the HIPPO pathway in muscle disease
Supervisor: Dr Paul Gregorevic
Department: Baker IDI
Tian Zhao

Mr Tian Zhao
Supervisor: Prof Elsdon Storey
Department: Medicine