2015 BMedSc(Hons) group

2015 Central Clinical School Bachelor of Medical Science (Honours) program

2015 CCS BMedSc(Hons) group
2015 Central Clinical School Bachelor of Medical Science (Honours) students:
L-R Back row: Frank Gao, Fei Bing, Gabrielle Freedman, Evelyn Bian, Jacqueline Bell, Storm Holwill, Victoria Berquist, William MacDonald.
L-R Middle row: Yasar Zirek, Susan Lee, Karin Utami, Diar Rudiatmoko, Angela Sarumpaet.
L-R Front row: Angus Brown, Rebecca Lewis, Lucinda Miller. Absent: Lia Amanda, Prasanna Bhaskaran, Bridget Pianta, Nahkita Wolfe (SPHPM), Hui Yeoh

The BMedSc(Hons) is undertaken by MBBS students.

See the calendar for dates and events specific to the program.

Further information

CCS BMedSc(Hons) Coordinator
Professor Jennifer Hoy
Contact email Jennifer.Hoy@monash.edu

Academic support and continuing clinical education
Dr Paki Rizakis
Contact email Paki.Rizakis@monash.edu

CCS Student Services Coordinator
Laisa Tigarea
Contact email hdr.ccs@monash.edu ph +61 3 99030027

2015 CCS BMedSc(Hons) Oral presentation #2

Date: Monday 14 September 2015
Time: 9am-4.15pm
Program: Click here to download pdf
Venue: Lecture theatre, Level 5, Alfred Centre

Honours Downloads

2015 CCS BMedSc(Hons) students

Mr Angus Brown
Identifying progression events in multiple myeloma
Supervisor: Dr Andrew Spencer
Department: ACBD

Ms Iman Rizani
Investigating the effects of novel anti-platelet agents
Supervisor: Dr Justin Hamilton
Department: ACBD

Ms Maria Selvadurai (International placement)
Determining the function of P13KC2a in megakaryocytes
Supervisor: Dr Justin Hamilton
Department: ACBD

Mr Frank Gao
Metabolic memory - the bitter legancy of high glucose levels
Supervisor: Prof Merlin Thomas
Department: Baker IDI

Miss Ditha Pratiwi
The role of Nox5 in diabetic complication
Supervisor: Prof Karin Jandeleit-Dahm
Department: Baker IDI

Mr Luddwi Rizky
The effect of Nrf2 activation on endothelial function in diabetes
Supervisor: Dr Judy De Haan
Department: Baker IDI

Mr William MacDonald
Measurement of Residual Neuromascular Block in Major Surgery
Supervisor: Prof Paul Myles
Department: Anaesthesia and Perioperative Medicine

Ms Victoria Berquist
Getting to the root of the problem; is gingivitis driving cardiovascular disease in HIV positive patients?
Supervisor: Prof Jennifer Hoy
Department: Infectious Diseases

Ms Hui Yeoh
Are there significant differences in the Melbourne HIV patient population with respect to risk frailty and other serious non-AIDS morbidities?
Supervisor: Prof Suzanne Crowe
Department: Infectious Diseases

Mr Andre Landika
Use of non-occupational HIV post-exposure prophylaxis (NPEP) among men who have sex with men
Supervisor: Dr Eric Chow
Department: Melbourne Sexual Health Centre (MSHC)

Miss Angela Sarumpaet
Female partners of men with NGU
Supervisor: Prof Christopher Fairley
Department: Melbourne Sexual Health Centre (MSHC)

Mr Anil Zirek
Quantification of HIV latent infection using DNA flow cytometery
Supervisor: A/Prof Melissa Churchill
Department: Medicine

Mr Prasanna Bhaskaran
Assessing the Functional Performance of Human Donor Hearts Ex Vivo: Possible Application for Donation after Circulatory Death
Supervisor: Prof Frank Rosenfeldt
Department: Surgery (Cardivascular)

Miss Bing Fei
Pleural Decompresson Post Trauma
Supervisor: Prof Mark Fitzgerald
Department: Surgery

Ms Storm Holwill
Effects of gender and adiposity on Burns Mortality
Supervisor: Dr Heather Cleland
Department: Surgery (Burns unit)

Ms Rebecca Lewis
Subaxial cervical facet joint fractures: A comparison of the functional clinical and radiological outcomes of conservative and surgical management
Supervisor: A/Prof Susan Liew
Department: Surgery

Ms Gabrielle Freedman
Investigating the effects of mindfulness on neural activity markers of inhibition of emotional distractors during working memory retention
Supervisor: Dr Neil Bailey
Department: MAPrc

Miss Jacqui Bell
The role of testosterone in depression in post menopausal women
Supervisor: Dr Roisin Worsley
Department: MAPrc

Ms Evelyn Bian
Metformin for mind and metabolism: the effect of metformin 2000mg/ day on mood and cognition in adults with treatment resistant depression and abdominal obesity
Supervisor: Prof Jayashri Kulkarni
Department: MAPrc

Miss Susan Lee
Understanding individual differences in response to non-invasive brain stimulation: the influence of ender and sex hormones
Supervisor: Dr Rebecca Segrave
Department: MAPrc

Miss Lucinda Miller
The Characterisation of Borderline Personality Disorder and its Relationship to Early Life Trauma
Supervisor: Prof Jayashri Kulkarni
Department: MAPrc

Miss Bridget Pianta
Looking on the bright  side:  Can non-invasive brain stimulation enhance positive information processing bias?
Supervisor: Dr Rebecca Segrave
Department: MAPrc

Ms Karin Utami
The safety of mood stabilisr medications in pregnancy
Supervisor: Prof Jayashri Kulkarni
Department: MAPrc