2017 Honours group

Current Students Immunology and Human Pathology Honours program

2017 CCS Honours students
2017 Honours students
L-R Back row: Associate Professor Margaret Hibbs (Honours coordinator (Immunology)), Theo Beharis, Jake Valentine, Adrian Tran, Christian Stolz, Anna Milne, Brooke Wanrooy, Christopher Velardo, Joshua Chan, Thomas Bedford, Aleksandar Karovich-Wynne, Samuel Thomson, Rachel Cheong, Anand Jayapadman, Julie Tran, Li Chin Chow, Tina Vu, Ameena Fahma, Dr Justin Hamilton (Honours coordinator (Human Pathology)
L-R Front row: An Le, Jennie Bui, Cindy Wong, Vanesa Swann, Taylah Bennett, Anisha Ansari, Max Garwood, Farha Inam, Senuri Bandara

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2017 CCS Honours students

Ms Anisha Ansari
Project: Regulation of NK cell development at the post translational level
Supervisors: Dr Dan Andrews, Dr Katharine Goodall, Dr Simona Infantino
Department: Dept Immunology & Pathology

Ms Senuri Bandara
Project: The impact of nutrition, malaria and STIs on pregnancy outcomes
Supervisor: Dr Brian Drew
Department: Baker IDI

Mr Thomas Bedford
Project: Targeting the Nogo Receptor-dependent mechanisms governing axonal degeneration in multiple sclerosis
Supervisors: Dr Steven Petratos, A/Prof Frank Alderuccio
Department: Medicine

Mr Theofanis Beharis
Project: Tpa effects on the blood tran terre M the rot model of scheme stroke: evolution of a new drug dealing system
Supervisors: A/Prof Matthew McCormack, Dr Benjamin Shields
Department: ACBD

Ms Taylah Bennett
Project: Regulation of T cells in autoimmunity
Supervisors: Dr Sarah Jones, Dr Brendan Russ
Department: Medicine, School of Clinical Sciences

Ms Jennie Bui
Project: Understanding the energy pathways regulating monocyte subsets and their recruitment to the ultra lesson
Supervisors: Dr Andrew Murphy, Mr Man Kit Sam Lee
Department: Baker IDI

Mr Joshua Chan
Project: Novel biocompatible polyethylen nanoparticules for the theranost of vascular disease
Supervisors: Dr Christoph Hagemeyer, Dr Karen Alt
Department: ACBD

Ms Rachel Cheong
Project: HLA and the autoreactive T cell phenotype
Supervisor: Dr Joshua Ooi
Department: Medicine, School of Clinical Sciences

Ms Li Chow
Project: Improving outcome of traumatic brain injury by targeting the blood brain barrier
Supervisors: Prof Robert Medcalf,  Mr Dominik Draxler
Department: ACBD

Ms Ameena Fahma
Project: Investigating Cytokine Mediated Drug Resistance in Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML)
Supervisors: Dr Donia Moujalled, Dr Andrew Wei
Department: ACBD

Mr Maximilian Garwood
Project: Understanding the role of Snai1 in haematopoiesis and leukaemic transformation
Supervisor: A/Prof Jody Haigh
Department: ACBD

Ms Farha Inam
Project: CRISPR-based approaches to investigate mutations linked to chemoresistance in AML
Supervisors: Dr Andrew Wei, Dr Jessica Salmon
Department: ACBD

Mr Anand Jayapadman
Project: Novel biocompatible protein based nanoparticles for the theranostic of vascular diseases
Supervisors: Dr Christoph Hagemeyer, Dr Thomas Bonnard
Department: ACBD

Mr Aleksandar Karovich-Wynne
Project: The molecular regulaton of thymic leukaemia antigen specificity
Supervisors: Dr Dan Andrews, Dr Katharine Goodall
Department: Dept Immunology & Pathology

Ms An Le
Project: Characterising the role of IgG subclass responses in mediating functional immunity to plasmodium falciparum
Supervisor: Dr Jack Richards
Department: Burnet Institute

Ms Anna Milne
Project: Investigating the role of Snai1 and Nf-kB signalling in Acute Myeloid Leukemia
Supervisors: Dr Jody Haigh, Dr Catherine Carmichael
Department: ACBD

Mr Christian Stolz
Project: Investigating the role of IL18 and its natural inhibitor IL18bp in type 2 diabetes and obesity
Supervisor(s): A/Prof Andrew Murphy, Dr Helene Kammoun
Department: Baker IDI

Ms Vanesa Swann
Project: Hsp90 inhibitors and inflammation
Supervisor(s): Dr James Harris, Prof Eric Morand
Department: Medicine, School of Clinical Sciences

Mr Samuel Thomson
Project: Elucidating the role of the BMP signalling pathway in muscle
Supervisor(s): Dr Paul Gregoronic, Dr Craig Harrison
Department: Baker IDI

Mr Adrian Tran
Project: Activating mitochondria in adipose tissue to treat type 2 diabetes
Supervisor(s): Dr Brian Drew, Dr Anna Calkin
Department: Baker IDI

Ms Julie Tran
Project: Non-specific effects of vaccines in the elderly
Supervisor(s): Prof Magdalena Plebanski, A/Prof Menno Van Zelm, Ms Kirsty Wilson, Prof Katie Flanagan
Department: Dept Immunology & Pathology

Mr Jake Valentine
Project: Population-based Epidemiology and cost of invasive fungal disease in patients undergoing chemotherapy and bone marrow transplantation
Supervisor(s): Dr Orla Morrissey, Dr Michelle Ananda-Rajah
Department: Infectious Disease

Mr Christopher Velardo
Project: Novel regulation of lipid metabolism
Supervisor(s): Dr Anna Calkin, Dr Eser Zerenturk, Dr Brian Drew
Department: Baker IDI

Ms Tina Vu
Project: Modeling acute myeloid leukaemia differentiation therapy
Supervisor(s): A/Prof Ross Dickins, A/Prof Matthew McCormack
Department: ACBD

Mr Brooke Wanrooy
Project: Contribution of neuroinflammation to dementia path in type 2 diabetes
Supervisor(s): Dr Connie Wong, Ms Shu Wen Wen
Department: Centre for Inflammatory Diseases, School of Clinical Sciences

Ms Cindy Wong
Project: Intercostal Catheter management check-list for thoracic injuries
Supervisor(s): Prof Mark Fitzgerald, Dr Joseph Mathew
Department: Medicine