2018 BMedSc Honours group

Bachelor of Medical Science Honours program

2018 BMedSc(hons) group
2018 CCS BMedSc(Hons) group.  L-R back row: Ms Crystal Gao, Professor Jandeleit-Dahm (BMedSc(Hons) co-coordinator), Ms Vivien Lai, Mr David Liu, Mr Callum Narita, Mr Louay Baroun-Agob, Mr Sai Ponnaganti, Mr Sameer Sharma, Ms Nishat Siddique, Ms Jessica Paynter, Ms Angie Shiqi Xiang, Professor Merlin Thomas (BMedSc(Hons) co-coordinator). L-R: front row: Mr Andrew Hurley, Ms Dunya Tomic, Mr Henry Pan Yen-Cheng, Mr Shourye Dwivedi, Mr Christopher Hardy, Ms Pamodi Dinendra. Absent: Mr Ari Mushin, Ms Caitlin Smart, Mr Faishal Farras Yanfaunnas.

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2018 Central Clinical School BMedSc(Hons) Students

Mr Louay Baroun-Agob
Project: Outcomes following spinal surgery in those who had a surgical site infection
Supervisor: A/Prof Susan Liew, Co-supervisor: Prof Belinda Gabbe
Department: Orthopaedic Surgery

Ms Shourye Dwivedi
Project: New Insights into the biology of brain tumours (glioblastoma) and vaccine design
Supervisor: Prof Magdalena Plebanski, Co-supervisors: A/Professor Martin Hunn and Dr Jennifer Boer
Department: Immunology

Ms Crystal Gao
Project: The evolving biology and management of anaplastic large cell lymphoma
Supervisor: Prof Miles Prince, Co-supervisor: A/Prof Chris McCormack

Mr Christopher Hardy
Project: How drugs influence sex and intimacy
Supervisor: Dr Eric Chow, Co-supervisor: Prof Christopher Fairley
Department: Melbourne Sexual Health Centre

Mr Andrew Hurley
Project: Do patients who develop endothalmitis have defective phagocytosis and is there a clinical role of the p2x7 receptor
Supervisor: A/Prof: Anthony Hall, Co-supervisor: Dr Penelope J Allen
Department: Opthalmology

Ms Pamodi Kodikara
Project: Renal function and kidney injury during intense exercise
Supervisor: Prof Rowan Walker, Co-supervisor: Scott Wilson
Department: Medicine (Renal)

Ms Vivian Lai
Project: The dysatility of alopecia arcila
Supervisor: A/Prof Douglas Gin, Co-supervisors: Prof Rodney Sinclair and Dr Gang Chen
Department: Medicine

Mr David Liu
Project: Impact of pericardial fat on haemodynamics in regard to heart failure with preserved ejection fraction
Supervisor: Prof David Kaye, Co-supervisor: Dr Shane Nanayakkara
Department: Baker Institute/Medicine

Mr Ari Mushin
Project: HIV and Heart Disease
Supervisor: Prof Jennifer Hoy, Co-supervisor: Dr Anna Hearps
Department: Infectious Disease

Mr Callum Narita
Project: Optical coherent tomography - angiography in age related macular degeneration
Supervisor: A/Prof Anthony Hall, Co-supervisor: Prof Robyn Guymer
Department: Opthalmology

Mr Yen-Cheng Pan
Project: PPSMA PET/MRI for prostate cancer inmagin - the samural study
Supervisor: A/Prof Jeremy Grummet, Co-supervisor: Prof Mark Frydenberg
Department: Surgery

Ms Jessica Paynter
Project: Multicentre comparison of the contemporary management of Dupuytren's disease
Supervisor: A/Prof David Hunter-Smith, Co-supervisor: A/Prof Warren M Rozen
Department: Surgery

Mr Sai Ponnaganti
Project: Complex-trauma disorder: A characterisation of symptom clusters
Supervisor: Prof Jayashri Kulkarni, Co-supervisor: Dr Caroline Gurvich
Department: MAPrc

Mr Sameer Sharma
Project: Treatment gap in people with newly diagnosed epilepsy in Australia
Supervisor: Prof Patrick Kwan, Co-supervisor: Dr Zhibin Chen
Department: Neuroscience

Ms Nishat Siddique
Project: The role of tumour suppressor gene GRHL3 in oesophageal carcinoma
Supervisor: Dr Smitha Rose Georgy, Co-supervisor: Prof Stephen Jane
Department: Medicine

Ms Caitlin Smart
Supervisor: Prof Robert Medcalfe, Co-supervisor: Prof Alexander Thiele
Department: ACBD

Ms Dunya Tomic
Project: Prevalence, Epidemiology and clinical characteristics of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in rural Victoria
Supervisor: Prof Stuart Roberts, Co-supervisor: Dr Willam Kemp
Department: Gastroenterology

Ms Angie Shiqi Xiang
Project: Identification of plasma lipids which predict the brown adipose tissue response to acute cold exposure and prolonged thiszolidione treatment in humans
Supervisor: Prof Bronwyn Kingwell, Co-supervisor: Dr Andrew Carey
Department: Baker Institute/Medicine