2018 Honours group

Current Students Immunology and Human Pathology Honours program

2018 CCS Honours group
2018 Central Clinical School Honours student group (44 pictured here out of 47 enrolled)
Back row (4th): John Tran, Adam Nelson, Daniel Thiele, Tarnia Fischer, Georgia Fuller Symons, William O’Brien, Nicola Sergienko(?), Nihal Nayak, Aidan Walsh, Wai Lam Leung, Kennerdy Lieu
3rd row: A/Prof Margaret Hibbs (Co-coordinator, CCS Honours) Olivia Cooney, Sohaila Nazari, Swathy Jayakrishnan, Meghan Gollant, Hariklia Vagias, Annalisa Zappulla, Anagi Wickremasinghe, Susan Zhu, Michael Zhu, Thomas Giddy, Hans Kek, Rachelle Duffin, Joshua Birnie, A/Prof Justin Hamilton (Co-coordinator, CCS Honours)
2nd row: Liyen Kan, Rachel Xu, Rosalyn Cao, Lilliana Bowen, Lucy Nguyen, Jisu Kim, Cao Uyen Lam, Ekimei Sun, Shezlie Malelang, Tenae Davies, April Raftery, Maria Campagna, Jeremy Yujarav, Edy Xie
Front (1st) row: Melanie Murray, Natasha Tan, Tegan Lake, Siddharth Narambath, Nathan Di Teodoro, Sharon Wang

Welcome to our 2018 Honours students, this year is our largest enrolement yet! Current honours students can use this page to navigate key dates for the year, contact details for enquiries, a list of current students and projects, and other important information.

2018 Key dates, forms and booklets

  • 2018 CCS Honours handbook
  • Literature review seminar program: 20th, 23rd, 24th April, 2018
  • Final oral review seminar program: 22nd, 23rd, 25th, 26th October 2018
  • Final oral defence program: 29th October - 1st November, 2018
  • Assessment Cover Sheet

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2018 CCS Honours students

Mr Joshua Daniel Birnie
Project: Examining the relationship between aspergillus fumigatus genotype, aspergillus infection phenotype and response to antifungal therapy
Supervisors: Dr Orla Morrissey, Prof Anton Peleg
Department: Infectious Diseases

Ms Lilliana Bowen
Project: The role of mitochondrial manganese superoxide dismutase in diabetic kidney disease
Supervisors: A/Prof Melinda Coughlan, Dr Sih Min Tan
Department: Diabetes

Ms Maria Campagna
Project: Pharmacogenomic studies in Multiple Sclerosis
Supervisors: Dr Vilija Jokubaitis, Prof Helmut Butzkueven
Department: Neuroscience

Ms Rosalyn Cao
Project: The detection of major house dust mite allergen Der p 1 specific B-cells in patients undergoing immunotherapy
Supervisors: A/Prof Menno van Zelm, Dr Craig McKenzie
Department: Immunology

Miss Olivia Cooney
Project: How does a high salt diet alter gut immune cells?
Supervisors: A/Prof Andrew Murphy, Mr Man Kit Sam Lee
Department: Baker

Ms Tenae Davies
Project: The role of Lmo2 in maintenance of T-cell leukemia
Supervisors: A/Prof Matthew McCormack, Dr Benjamin Shields
Department: ACBD

Mr Nathan Di Teodoro
Project: Development and characterisation of animal model of neurological heterotopic ossification
Supervisors: Dr Rhys Brady, A/Prof Sandy Schulz
Department: Neuroscience

Ms Rachelle Duffin
Project: Therapies to enchance anti-tumor immunity
Supervisors: Dr Jane Oliaro, A/Prof Ross Dickins
Department: Peter MacCallum

Ms Tarnia Fischer
Project: The effects of TNF-α on ICOSL expression and PI3K signalling in B cells in Crohn’s disease
Supervisors: A/Prof Menno van Zelm, A/Prof Margaret Hibbs
Department: Immunology

Ms Georgia Fuller Symons
Project: Biomarkers of concussion in Australian rules footballers
Supervisors: A/Prof Sandy Schulz
Department: Neuroscience

Mr Harry Geddes
Project: The neural mechanism of action of mindfulness meditation
Supervisors: Dr Neil Bailey, Mr Aron Hill, Dr Sung Wook Chung
Department: MAPrc

Mr Thomas Giddy
Project: Formyl Peptide Receptors (FPRs): A novel approach to treat hypertension' and the department is heart failure pharmacology
Supervisors: Prof Rebecca Ritchie, Dr Helena Chengxue
Department: Baker

Ms Meghan Gollant
Project: Sodium selenate as a disease modifying treatment for probable behavioural variant front-temporal dementia
Supervisors: Prof Terence O'Brien, Dr Charles Malpas, Dr Lucy Vivash
Department: Neuroscience

Ms Swathy Jayakrishnan
Project: Modeling differentiation therapy in acute myeloid leukaemia
Supervisors: A/Prof Ross Dickins, A/Prof Matthew McCormack
Department: ACBD

Miss Liyen Kan
Project: Activated microglia in human brain tumours study
Supervisors: Dr Mastura Monif, Prof Terence O'Brien, A/Prof David Williams, A/Prof Kate Drummond
Department: Neuroscience

Mr Hans Kek
Project: NK cell-mediated killing of HIV-infected macrophages to achieve HIV cure
Supervisors: Dr Anna Hearps
Department: Burnet Institute

Miss Jisu Kim
Project: Novel strategies for theapeutic targeting of adipose tissue
Supervisors: Dr Brian Drew, Dr Simon Bond
Department: Baker

Miss Teagan Lake
Project: B cell deregulation and its impact on the generation of disease pathology
Supervisors: Dr Raffi Gugasyan, Dr Paul Ramsland
Department: Burnet Institute

Ms Cao-Uyen Lam
Project: Targeting Formyl Peptide Receptor as a therapeutic approach to treat diabetic cardiomyopathy
Supervisors: Prof Rebecca Ritchie, Dr Helena Chengxue
Department: Baker

Ms Wai Lam Leung
Project: Seizure susceptibility and inflamation as risk factors for post-traumatic epilepsy
Supervisors: Dr Bridgette Semple, Dr Pablo Casillas Espinosa
Department: Neuroscience

Mr Kennerdy Lieu
Project: Inhibition of the NLRP3 inflammasome as a novel strategy to limit diabetic cardiomyopathy
Supervisors: A/Prof Judy de Haan, Dr Arpeeta Sharma, Prof Rebecca Ritchie
Department: Baker

Ms Shezlie Malelang
Project: Kruppeling erythropoiesis to cure sickle cell disease
Supervisors: Prof Andrew Perkins, Dr Kevin Gillinder
Department: ACBD

Miss Melanie Murray
Project: Identifying new treatments for killing leukemia stem cells
Supervisors: Prof David Curtis, Dr Cedric Tremblay
Department: ACBD

Mr Siddarth Narambarath
Project: Exploring the association between type and timing of life trauma, and emotion regulation and cognition
Supervisors: Dr Natalie Thomas, Dr Caroline Gurvich
Department: MAPrc

Mr Nihal Nayak
Project: Explaining cognition and personality and their role in pain modulation following transcranial direct current simulation
Supervisors: Dr Bernadette Fitzgibbon, A/Prof Kate Hoy
Department: MAPrc

Ms Sohaila Nazari
Project: Lipoxins as reno-protective agents in diabetic nephropathy
Supervisors: Dr Phillip Kantharidis, Prof Mark Cooper
Department: Diabetes

Mr Adam Nelson
Project: Ryegrass Allergen Specificity of B Cells in Healthy Controls and Allergic Individuals
Supervisors: A/Prof Menno van Zelm, Dr Craig McKenzie
Department: Immunology

Ms Lucy Nguyen
Project: Therapeutic strategy targeting TCR gamma delta T cell migration in atherosclerotic management
Supervisors: Dr Tin Soe Kyaw, Prof Ban-Hock Toh
Department: Baker

Mr William O'Brien
Project: Biomarkers of brain concussion in Australian rules footballers
Supervisors: A/Prof Sandy Schulz 
Department: Neuroscience

Ms April Raftery
Project: Investigating inflammatory and immune mechanisms underlying Crohn's disease
Supervisors: Dr Evelyn Tsantikos, A/Prof Margaret Hibbs
Department: Immunology

Ms Nicola Sergienko
Project: Investigating the function of B55alpha in the heart
Supervisors: Dr Kate Weeks, A/Prof Julie McMullen
Department: Baker

Ms Ekimei Sun
Project: Role of the AIM2 innate immune receptor in H. pylori-induced gastric pathology
Supervisors: Prof Brendan Jenkins, Dr Virginie Deswaerte
Department: Hudson Institute

Miss Natasha Tan
Project: Novel Nanomedicine in Cancer
Supervisors: Dr Karen Alt, Dr Christoph Hagemeyer
Department: ACBD

Mr Daniel Thiele
Project: Characterising the murine class Ib molecule H2-Q4
Supervisors: Dr Katherine Goodall, Dr Dan Andrews 
Department: Immunology

Mr John Tran
Project: Deregulated NfκB signalling in T cells from murine models of primary immunodeficiency
Supervisors: Dr Raffi Gugasyan, Dr Paul Ramsland
Department: Burnet Institute

Ms Hariklia Vagias
Project: Group differences in cytokine profile between patients with Borderline Personality Disorder and healthy controls
Supervisors: Prof Jayashri Kulkarni, Dr Natalie Thomas
Department: MAPrc

Ms Shannen Walker
Project: Characterisation of a xenomitochondrial mouse model
Supervisors: Dr Brian Drew, Dr Darren Henstridge
Department: Baker

Mr Aidan Walsh
Project: Single chain antibodies for targeting thrombosis and inflamation
Supervisors: Dr Xiaowei Wang, Prof Karlheinz Peter
Department: Baker

Ms Sharon Wang
Project: Myelination after traumatic brain injury (TBI) during early life
Supervisors: Dr Bridgette Semple, Dr Jessica Fletcher
Department: Neuroscience

Ms Anagi Wickremasinghe
Project: Physiology of the gastric sleeve
Supervisors: Mr Paul Burton, Prof Wendy Brown
Department: Surgery

Mr Edy Xie
Project: Mapping the mitochondrial signature of individuals with diabetic kidney disease
Supervisors: A/Prof Melinda Coughlan, Dr Cesare Granata
Department: Diabetes

Ms Rachel Xu
Project: Investigating the effectivness of combination therapy with BH3 mimetics in acute myeloid leukemia
Supervisors: Dr Fiona Brown, A/Prof Andrew Wei
Department: ACBD

Mr Jeremy Yuvarj
Project: Cervical Dysplasia risk factors and HPV vaccination status in women with MS
Supervisors: A/Prof Anneke Van der Walkt, Dr Vilija Jokubaitis
Department: Neuroscience

Ms Annalisa Zappulla
Project: What role do the sexual practices of female sex workers play in the transmission of sexually transmissible infections?
Supervisors: Dr Eric Chow, Prof Christopher Fairley
Department: MSHC

Miss Suan Zhu
Project: The contribution of inflammation to Retinopathy of Prematurity
Supervisors: Prof Jennifer Walkinson-Berka, Dr Devy Deliyanti
Department: Diabetes

Mr Michael Zhu
Project: Development and testing of drugs targeting a novel anti-thrombotic approach
Supervisors: A/Prof Justin Hamilton, Prof Philip Thompson