Undergraduate Medical Education at Cabrini Health

Michele Levinson, Cabrini Health
A/Prof Michele Levinson, Clinical Dean at Cabrini Health

Cabrini Monash University Department of Medicine

The Cabrini clinical school is part of the undergraduate medical education program coordinated by Central Clinical School, Monash University. The Cabrini teaching program is coordinated by the Clinical Dean, Associate Professor Michele Levinson.

The Cabrini clinical school delivers the Year 3B program for 18 students, provides final year electives in Medicine and Surgery, four week pediatric rotations for Year 4C medical students and participates in the BMedSc(Hons) program. In addition, two students from Monash Malaysia’s Sunway campus had placements. The Year 3B program provides bedside and theatre teaching, workshops and tutorials, the problem-based learning (PBL) program, interprofessional learning, outpatient and ambulatory care experience.

All curriculum requirements are provided at Cabrini Health, except for some pathology teaching which is delivered at Alfred Health. Melbourne Pathology provides tutorials in investigative medicine and the Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine has arranged for students to attend autopsies. Students at Cabrini Health participate in the program with third-year nursing students from Australian Catholic and Deakin Universities. The program relies heavily on the excellent and generous contribution of Cabrini’s clinicians who give of their time voluntarily.

In a typical year, there might be 18 Year 3B students, 80 Year 4C students, 20 Year 5D students and two Bachelor of Medical Science (Honours) students.

The Cabrini Clinical School also recognises their top medical students with prizes.


  • Assoc Prof Michele Levinson (Head of Department)
  • Dr Amber Mills - Research Fellow
  • Ms Anthea Gellie - Research Assistant
  • Ms Gaya Sritharan - Research Assistant
  • Ms Natalie Heriot – Research Assistant


  • MMC
  • Alfred
  • RMH
  • Epworth
  • Linguistic Dept, Melb Uni

BMedSc(Hons) Projects

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