2020 CCS Three minute thesis competition

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Central Clinical School HDR students regularly compete in the "Three Minute Thesis" competition (3MT), offered in every Australian university. The CCS 3 Minute Thesis Competition is an opportunity for HDR   students to convey the relevance and importance of their research in just 3 minutes. It is an excellent opportunity to achieve a higher profile for research students and their work. The Monash 3MT finalist will then be invited to represent Monash University at the Asia-Pacific 3MT competition, which will be held in Queensland at the University of Queensland.

2020 CCS 3MT competition details

The School's annual Three Minute Thesis (3MT) competition will take place on 22 May, pitting seven brave young researchers against each other in a bid to explain their research in plain English, and in only three minutes. The competition is a wonderful opportunity to practice sharing complex but vital research with a lay audience.

  • CCS 3MT (Friday 22 May 2020 @ 1:00pm-2:00pm via zoom)
  • Faculty 3MT Final (Tuesday 23 June @ 1:30pm - 3:30pm, via Zoom); and
  • Monash 3MT Final (August; date and competition format to be confirmed)

Judging panel

Prof Stephen Jane, Prof Helmut Butzkueven and Ms Julia Veitch

Prize winners

First prize winner($300)      Ms Alexandra Dimitropoulos (A spoon full of GLO makes the years go down)
Runner-up ($200)               Mr Rishabh Sharma (Inside injured brain; we see light at the end of the tunnel!)
People's choice ($50)         Ms Nurul Aisha Zainal Abidin (Good clots, bad clots: cracking the code for potential drug targets)

Further details regarding the 3MT competition including rules and judging criteria can be found online.


Alexandra Dimitropoulos
Supervisors: Dr Carlos Rosado, Prof Merlin Thomas
Topic: A spoon full of GLO makes the years go down
Department: Diabetes
Rana_Akshita3 Akshita Rana
Supervisors: A/Prof Christopher Hagemeyer, Dr Be'eri Niego, Dr Erik Westein
Topic: Stroke, heart attack and a 'smart' little antibody: A tale unfolds
Department: ACBD
Loftus_Michael Michael Loftus
Supervisors: Prof Anton Peleg, Prof Allen Cheng, Dr Andrew Stewardson, Dr Adam Jenney, Dr Benjamin Coghlan
Topic: Trouble in Paradise? Antimicrobial resistance in the Pacific
Department: Infectious Disease
April Raftery
Supervisors: A/Prof Margaret Hibbs, Dr Evelyn Tsantikos, Prof Nicola Harris
Topic: Gut-lung axis in Crohn's disease
Department: Immunology
Gutman_Sarah  Sarah Gutman
Supervisors: Prof Andrew Taylor,  Prof Thomas Marwick
Topic: Cardiac Imaging: More than Shape and Function
Dept: Medicine (Alfred)
NurulAisha Nurul Zainal Abidin
Supervisors: A/Prof Justin Hamilton,Dr Warwick Nesbitt , Prof Harshal Nandurkar
Topic: Good clots, bad clots: cracking the code for potential drug targets
Department: ACBD
Sharma_Rishabh Rishabh Sharma
Supervisors: Dr Bridgette Semple, Prof Sandy Shultz
Topic: Inside injured brain; we see light at the end of the tunnel!
Department: Neuroscience

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