Information for consumers

Information for Consumers

The Monash University Low FODMAP Certification Programs are non-profit organisations. They were established with the key aim of providing consumers with medically diagnosed irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) ease of access to low FODMAP food and beverage products, and allow them to prepare and cook low FODMAP meals at home.

A list of the low FODMAP foods included in the Monash University Low FODMAP Certification Program is available here.

Benefits of the Certification Programs to consumers are:

-          Ease of identification of low FODMAP food products in stores and supermarkets,

making shopping faster and more convenient.

-          Better control of IBS symptoms owing to more food choices.

-          Improved quality of life for people with IBS.

All funds generated from the programs help support the department's major research into the dietary management of IBS and the low FODMAP diet.

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