Resources & products

The team at Monash University have prepared a number of educational resources to guide people following the low FODMAP diet.

  • The Monash University Low FODMAP diet app for smart phones (iPhones and Android) and iPad - see web page for more information.
  • The Low FODMAP diet bookletMonash University Low FODMAP Diet Booklet Order Form (pdf, 75kb)
  • The online Food Frequency Questionnaire or CNAQ (stands for Comprehensive Nutrition Assessment Questionnaire). The CNAQ analyses a variety of macro- and micro-nutrients (including FODMAPs) in an automated online system. The CNAQ is now available at

Specialist workshops and seminars

The team also offers specialist workshops for dieticians - see more.


  • 2013 Public Lecture

Due to high public interest in FODMAPs and the evidence based diet developed by the Monash Department of Gastroenterology, Professor Peter Gibson, Head of Department, gave a public lecture on 4 October 2013. Video link. See overview of the lecture.

  • The FODMAP Grand Tour Down Under: IBS relief

This is a detailed and beautiful animation showing how in IBS sufferers gut bacteria consume the FODMAPs and cause the bloat. Video link.

  • Monash University Low FODMAP App

Prof Peter Gibson and Dr Jane Muir explain about the research and how the Monash University Low FODMAP Diet app works. It includes the largest list of FODMAP foods, provides up-to-date information on the dietary management of gastrointestinal symptoms associated with IBS and delicious recipe guides for low FODMAP meals. Video link