Meet the research team

Meet the research team who created the app

Head of Gastroenterology

  • Professor Peter Gibson

Peter Gibson

Head of Translational Nutrition Science Team

  • Dr Jane Muir

Jane Muir

Research Dietitians

  • Dr Jaci Barrett
  • Dr Jane Varney
  • Dr Marina Iacovou
  • Shirley Webber
  • Lyndal McNamara
  • Erin Dwyer

Research Scientists

  • Elizabeth Ly
  • Alex Bogatyrev
  • Ourania Rosella
  • Dr Gennaro Jim Rosella

Honours and PhD students

  • Paul Gill
  • Judith Moore
  • Mary Ajamian

Research Chef

  • Patricia (Trish) Veitch

App Developer

  • Bala Natarajan

Research Profiles

The Monash University Low FODMAP Diet: Meet The Team