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The Monash Department of Gastroenterology is researching the impact of a high fibre and high natural prebiotic diet. This diet is designed to establish a healthy balance of gut bacteria, needed for optimal health. While it is essentially a high fibre diet, the consumption of foods that are high in prebiotic fibres is emphasised. Trish Veitch is undertaking research on the impact of a prebiotic diet.

In each of the videos below, Trish, who is a professional chef and Master's student in the Department of Gastroenterology at Monash University, prepares a dish with Gideon Cordover. Gideon is featured in the ABC Catalyst program, "Gut reaction", broadcast on 14 & 21 August 2014. Part 2 looks at the health effects of consuming a high prebiotic diet for three weeks. The dishes featured in the Catalyst program and here in these videos, are quick and easy to prepare, using readily available ingredients. Dishes may be accompanied by side dishes such as vegetables and salads. See our Recipes index and Menu Planning pages for some delicious and nutritious meal ideas!

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