Postgraduate study

Contact: Dr. Frank Alderuccio
Phone: + 61 3 9903 0281

The Department of Immunology offers a range of opportunities for post graduate studies towards a Masters or PhD degree. Students are normally required to have received an honours degree at the H2A or H1 level (or its equivalent) to enrol in these degrees.

Master of Biomedical Science DegreeThe Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences offers a research based Master of Biomedical Science (MBiomedSc) program for students enthusiastic about undertaking postgraduate research in the biomedical sciences.

MBiomedSc (Part 1)
This is designed for students who do not have the equivalent of a class I or class IIA honours degree in a relevant discipline. The MBiomedSc (Part1) is undertaken as preparation for admission to the MBiomedSc (Part 2) program. It is structured and assessed by administering departments in the same manner as the BSc (Hons) program.

MBiomedSc (Part 2)
Students will be required to undertake a major research program over a maximum period of 24 months (48 months for part time students). Candidates will submit a research thesis which embodies the results of an investigation carried out under the supervision of an academic member of staff.

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PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) Degree
The PhD degree is a research based program carried out under the supervision of an academic staff member and requires the submission of a thesis. A candidate may include published work that is directly relevant to the thesis and which has not been presented for any other degree. The maximum period of candidature is 4 years full time or 8 years part time. Students will normally hold a scholarship that provides support for a maximum of 3.5 years.

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Post Graduate Travel Awards The Department of Immunology encourages post graduate students from the Department to attend and present their work at national and international conferences. Monetary support is available to alleviate some of the attendance costs. Details of travel awards and an application form are found by clicking here.