Department of Immunology Publications 2011

Journal Articles – Non Research Scholarly Journal  

Forbes, J., Soderlund, J., Yap, F., Knip, M., Andrikopoulos, S., Ilonen, J., Simell, O., Veijola, R., Sourris, K., Coughlan, T., Forsblom, C., Slattery, R. M, Grey, S., Wessman, M., Yamamoto, H., Bierhaus, A., Cooper, M., Groop, P. Receptor for advanced glycation end-products (RAGE) provides a link between genetic susceptibility and environmental factors in type 1 diabetes. Diabetologia [P]. 2011;54(5):1032-1042.

Monaghan, K., Khong, T., Burns, C., Spencer, A. The novel JAK inhibitor CYT387 suppresses multiple signalling pathways, prevents proliferation and induces apoptosis in phenotypically diverse myeloma cells. Leukemia [P]. 2011;25(12):1891-1899.

Journal Articles – Refereed Scholarly Journals  

Ahrens, I., Domeij, H., Topcic, D., Haviv, I., Merivirta, R., Agrotis, A., Leitner, E., Jowett, J. B, Bode, C., Lappas, M., Peter, K. Successful in vitro expansion and differentiation of cord blood derived CD34+ cells into early endothelial progenitor cells reveals highly differential gene expression. PLoS ONE [P]. 2011;6(8 (Art. No:  e23210)):1-12.

Alderuccio, F., Nasa, Z., Chung, J., Ko, H., Chan, M., Toh, B. Hematopoietic stem cell gene therapy as a treatment for autoimmune diseases. Molecular Pharmaceutics [P]. 2011;8(5):1488-1494.

Amos, S. M, duong, C. P, Westwood, J. A, Ritchie, D., Junghans, R. P, Darcy, P. K, Kershaw, M. H Autoimmunity associated with immunotherapy of cancer. Blood [P]. 2011;118(3):499-509.

Amos, S. M, Pegram, H. J, Westwood, J. A, John, L. B, Devaud, C., Clarke, C. J, Restifo, N. P, Smyth, M. J, Darcy, P. K, Kershaw, M. H Adoptive immunotherapy combined with intratumoral TLR agonist delivery eradicates established melanoma in mice. Cancer Immunology Immunotherapy [P]. 2011;60(5):671-683.

Bayne, S., Li, H., Jones, M., Pinto, A., Van Sinderen, M., Drummond, A., Simpson, E., Liu, J. Estrogen deficiency reversibly induces telomere shortening in mouse granulosa cells and ovarian aging in vivo. Protein & Cell [P]. 2011;2(4):333-346.

Bossen, C., Tardivel, A., Willen, L., Fletcher, C., Perroud, M., Beermann, F., Rolink, A., Scot, M., Mackay-Fisson, F., Schneider, P. Mutation of the BAFF furin cleavage site impairs B-cell homeostasis and antibody responses. European Journal Of Immunology [P]. 2011;41(3):787-797.

Cameron, P., Jones, P., Gorniak, M., Dunster, K., Paul, E., Lewin, S., Woolley, I., Spelman, D. Splenectomy associated changes in IgM memory B cells in an adult spleen registry cohort. PLoS ONE [P]. 2011;6(8 (Art. No:  e23164)):1-8.

Chen, S., Liu, J., Zhou, J., Chen, C., Deng, Y., Wang, Y., Tao, Z. Suppression of the notch signaling pathway by gamma-secretase inhibitor GSI inhibits human nasopharyngeal carcinoma cell proliferation. Cancer Letters [P]. 2011;306(1):76-84.

Harcourt, B., Sourris, K., Coughlan, M., Walker, K., Dougherty, S., Andrikopoulos, S., Morley, A., Thallas-Bonke, V., Chand, V., Penfold, S., de Courten, M., Thomas, M., Kingwell, B., Bierhaus, A., Cooper, M., De Courten, B., Forbes, J. Targeted reduction of advanced glycation improves renal function in obesity. Kidney International [P]. 2011;80(2):190-198.

Hutchinson, A. T, Alexova, R., Bockhorni, V., Ramsland, P. A, Jones, D. R, Jennings, C., Broady, K., Edmundson, A. B, Raison, R. L Characterization of a unique conformational epitope on free immunoglobulin kappa light chains that is recognized by an antibody with therapeutic potential. Molecular Immunology [P]. 2011;48(9-Oct):1245-1252.

Jones, E., Demaria, M., Wright, M. Tetraspanins in cellular immunity. Biochemical Society Transactions [P]. 2011;39(2):506-511.

Kanellakis, P., Dinh, T. N, Agrotis, A., Bobik, A. CD4{+}CD25{+}Foxp3{+} regulatory T cells suppress cardiac fibrosis in the hypertensive heart. Journal of Hypertension [P]. 2011;29(9):1820-1828.

Khoury, G., Rajasuriar, R., Lewin, S., Cameron, P. The role of naive T-cells in HIV-1 pathogenesis: An emerging key player.. Clinical Immunology [P]. 2011;141(3):253-267.

Macia, L., Rao, p., Wheway, J., Sierro, F., Mackay-Fisson, F., Herzog, H. Y1 signalling has a critical role in allergic airway inflammation. Immunology And Cell Biology [P]. 2011;89(8):882-888.

Maxwell, M., Duan, M., Armes, J., Anderson, G., Tarlinton, D., Hibbs, M. Genetic segregation of inflammatory lung disease and autoimmune disease severity in SHIP-1-- mice. Journal Of Immunology [P]. 2011;186(12):7164-7175.

Nguyen, N., Maxwell, M., Ooms, L., Davies, E. M, Hilton, A., Collinge, J., Hilton, D., Kile, B., Mitchell, C., Hibbs, M., Jane, S., Curtis, D. An ENU-induced mouse mutant of SHIP1 reveals a critical role of the stem cell isoform for suppression of macrophage activation. Blood [P]. 2011;117(20):5362-5371.

Salwati, E., Minigo, G., Woodberry, T., Piera, K., De Silva, H., Kenangalem, E., Tjitra, E., Coppel, R., Price, R., Anstey, N., Plebanski, M. Differential cellular recognition of antigens during acute Plasmodium falciparum and Plasmodium vivax malaria. Journal Of Infectious Diseases [P]. 2011;203(8):1192-1199.

Sanchez-Alcaniz, J., Haege, S., Mueller, W., Pla, R., Mackay-Fisson, F., Schulz, S., Lopez-Bendito, G., Stumm, R., Marin, O. Cxcr7 controls neuronal migration by regulating chemokine responsiveness. Neuron [P]. 2011;69(1):77-90.

van der Meer, P., Cancelas, J., Cardigan, R., Devine, D., Gulliksson, H., Sparrow, R., Vassallo, R., de Wildt-Eggen, J., Baumann-Baretti, B., Hess, J. Evaluation of overnight hold of whole blood at room temperature before component processing:  Effect of red blood cell (RBC) additive solutions on in vitro RBC measures. Transfusion [P]. 2011;51(Suppl 1):15S-24S.

Veale, M., Healey, G., Sparrow, R. Effect of additive solutions on red blood cell (RBC) membrane properties of stored RBCs prepared from whole blood held for 24 hours at room temperature. Transfusion [P]. 2011;51(Suppl 1):25S-33S.

Vessey, K., Wilkinson-Berka, J., Fletcher, E. Characterization of Retinal Function and Glial Cell Response in a Mouse Model of Oxygen-Induced Retinopathy. Journal of Comparative Neurology [P]. 2011;519(3):506-527.

Whillier, S., Raftos, J. E, Sparrow, R., Kuchel, P. W The effects of long-term storage of human red blood cells on the glutathione synthesis rate and steady-state concentration. Transfusion [E]. 2011;51(7):1450-1459.

Wilkinson-Berka, J., Miller, A., Binger, K. Prorenin and the (pro)renin receptor: recent advances and implications for retinal development and disease. Current Opinion In Nephrology And Hypertension [P]. 2011;20(1):69-76.

Wilkinson-Berka, J., Tan, G., Binger, K., Sutton, L., McMaster, K., Deliyanti, D., Perera, G., Campbell, D., Miller, A. Aliskiren reduces vascular pathology in diabetic retinopathy and oxygen-induced retinopathy in the transgenic (mRen-2)27 rat. Diabetologia [P]. 2011;54(10):2724-2735.

Journal Articles – Non Refereed Scholarly Journals  

Klein-González, N., Holtick, U., Fairfax, K., Weihrauch, M. R, von Bergwelt-Baildon, M. S Targeting malignant B cells as antigen-presenting cells: TLR-9 agonist induces systemic regression of lymphoma.. Expert Review of Vaccines [P]. 2011;10(3):295-298.

Spinella, P. C, Sparrow, R., Hess, J. R, Norris, P. J Properties of stored red blood cells: understanding immune and vascular reactivity. Transfusion [P]. 2011;51:894-900.

Journal Article – Letter or Note  

Berndt, M., Andrews, R. Bernard-Soulier syndrome. Haematologica-The Hematology Journal [P]. 2011;96(3):355-359.

Berndt, M., Andrews, R. Thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura: Reducing the risk?. European Journal Of Clinical Investigation [P]. 2011;121(2):522-524.