NK Cell Biology laboratory - Andrews group

Key words: NK, Natural Killer cells, white blood cells

2016. L-R: Ms Mahtab Parvaresh, Dr Katharine Goodall, Dr Dan Andrews, Ms Angela Nguyen


The NK cell Biology Laboratory focuses on the interaction between NK cell receptors and non-classical MHC. The focus is on understanding the biochemistry, cell biology and immune responses associated with these interactions.

Immune detection and eradication or control of cancer and cancer immunotherapies are based in part on the idea that tumour-specific white blood cells can protect the body from tumour development, growth and metastases. While strong evidence supports this, the means by which these white cells first recognize the cancerous tissue is largely unknown. We are studying a new family of white blood cell receptors that may be important in this recognition, either naturally or following therapy.



  • NHMRC Project Grant 1028425: How Natural Killers do their thing
  • NHMRC Project Grant: The unique nature of gamma delta T cell recognition resolved through interaction with H2-Q10