Respiratory Immunology Laboratory

Research Overview

Professor Benjamin Marsland leads the Respiratory Immunology laboratory, where the main focus of research revolves around the microbiome in the gut, lung and skin and how it can influence respiratory diseases. In particular, his laboratory studies host-microbe interactions within the context of allergy, asthma and lung transplantation.

The group

2018 Marsland group: Dr Anh Thu Dang, Dr Christina Begka, Dr Celine Patteroni, Ms Carmel Daunt, Prof Ben Marsland

Current Research

Research projects:

  • Clinical implications of trans-kingdom microbial interactions in the transplanted lung. NHMRC Project 2018-2020.
  • Pulmonary epithelial barrier and immunological functions at birth and in early life - key determinants of the development of asthma. Wellcome Trust 2017-2019.

Research Projects for Students


See Pubmed search, Marsland BJ [author]