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As part of the Victorian HIV Service, we have numerous in-hospital, outpatient and community services available to the HIV-affected community of metropolitan Melbourne, and throughout rural and regional Victoria.

We are heavily involved in clinical research, and our strong partnerships with researchers and the community enables us to ensure our patients have access to latest treatments and research trials.

Professor Jenny Hoy

Infectious diseases

The Infectious Diseases service includes:

  • an inpatient unit - dealing with a wide range of infectious issues that require admission to hospital
  • a hospital wide consult service for patients with infective issues who are admitted under other units in the hospital
  • outpatient clinics
Professor Anton Peleg

Infection Prevention & Healthcare Epidemiology Unit

Our goals include:

  • improving patient safety by preventing healthcare-associated infections
  • educating staff, patients and visitors to Alfred Health on their responsibilities in Infection Prevention
  • reducing the risk of patients developing and transmitting antibiotic resistant microorganisms
  • keeping our staff, patients and visitors safe from exposure to infectious agents
  • doing research to promote evidence-based practice in Infection Prevention
  • reducing the financial and social costs of healthcare-associated infections
  • keeping up to date with advancements in healthcare infection prevention technologies, and recommending their introduction when benefits to patient or staff safety are evident
Professor Allen Cheng

Victorian Spleen Service

The role of the VSS is to prevent overwhelming sepsis in people after splenectomy or a diagnosis of hyposplenism. This is done through education, immunisation and preventive antibiotics.

The VSS has registered more than 3000 people ranging from 3 weeks to 89 years of age. With the availability of new vaccines against pneumococcus and meningococcus, immunization regimes recommended for these individuals have had to be revised.

Contact Us

Victorian and Tasmanians call (03) 9076 3828 or (03) 9076 9043
Queenslanders call 1800 SPLEEN (775 336)
F: (03) 9076 2431

Associate Professor Denis Spelman