Hospital Epidemiology: Infection Prevention

Infection Prevention and Healthcare Epidemiology, Staff Immunisation and Exposure Unit, and Antimicrobial Stewardship


The Infection Prevention and Healthcare Epidemiology Unit aims to prevent infections associated with health care in hospitals. Areas of particular interest include:

  • infections with resistant organisms
  • surgical site infection
  • hand hygiene
  • infections due to intravenous access devices.

The unit also works closely with the Antimicrobial Stewardship Team, which aims to optimize antibiotic use to reduce antimicrobial resistance.

Research in this unit aims to evaluate the effectiveness of initiatives in improving process outcomes (appropriate antibiotic use, hand hygiene, antibiotic prophylaxis, knowledge and attitudes) and patient outcomes (infection rates, infections with resistant organisms, mortality).

Group Leader - Prof Allen Cheng

Allen Cheng Prof Cheng's research covers a diverse area within infectious diseases, including sepsis and severe melioidosis, tropical medicine, influenza and vaccine effectiveness, hospital infection prevention and control, antibiotic pharmacokinetics, antimicrobial drug policy and clinical infectious diseases.

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Information for Students: Research Opportunities

Opportunities exist within our group to pursue BMedSc, Honours and PhD projects.

Please see below for project and contact details.

For information regarding research opportunities, please contact Assoc Prof Cheng

Contact person: Prof Allen Cheng

Phone: +61 3 9076 2000


All other student inquiries:
Please contact Brian Price (Business & Community Services Manager)


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