Viral Hepatitis


Project leader: Dr Megan Crane

Phone: +61 3 9076 9043


Research group: Lewin/Cameron laboratoy


Morbidity and mortality secondary to liver disease is greatly increased in people infected with both HIV and HBV compared to those infected with HBV alone. Mortality remains elevated even after treating both the HIV and HBV virus. The HBV Immunology Lab investigates the mechanism of how HIV can accelerate liver disease in patients co-infected with HBV. We hypothesize that this occurs by combined effects of HIV and HBV on inflammation in the liver. These studies could potentially lead to new treatments for liver disease.

Information for Students: Research Opportunities

Opportunities exist within our group to pursue BMedSc, Honours and PhD projects.

Please see below for project and contact details, or download the Department of Infectious Diseases Research Project Handout.

Research Project: Study of Fibrosis and Immune Activation (SOFIA)

Contact person: Dr Megan Crane

Phone: +61 3 9076 9043


All other student inquiries:
Please contact Jasminka Sterjovski (Research Manager and Student Co-ordinator)


Staff Members:

Dr Megan Crane
Lab Head

Ms Surekha Tennakoon
Research Assistant

Dr Kasha Singh
PhD student