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Covident – a web-based platform for efficient systematic review

Project leader: Dr Julian Elliott

Phone: +61 3 9076 6077



Biomedical research is growing exponentially, doubling every 5-7 years. Currently, 50,000 biomedical research articles are published every month and existing systems are inadequate for making sense of this large volume of unstructured biomedical research. Increasingly research findings are being lost in this deluge.

In collaboration with the Australasian Cochrane Centre and the Cochrane Collaboration, we are developing a new approach to healthcare decision-making called “Living Systematic Review”. This involves the establishment of networks of contributors that jointly maintain high quality online systematic reviews that are updated whenever new research becomes available.

This approach draws upon emerging technologies including:

  • machine learning

  • natural language processing, semantic web

  • linked data and crowd sourcing

  • citizen science

We have developed a software platform for systematic review upon which these novel technologies can be tested.

Information for Students: Research Opportunities

Opportunities exist within our group to pursue BMedSc, Honours and PhD projects that investigate how large linked datasets can be utilized by academic networks to co-curate high quality evidence services.

Projects include:

  • Creating an online network for systematic review task exchange

  • Machine learning and semantic tagging for triaging reports of controlled trials.

  • Optimising participation and quality for mass participation in systematic review.

Please see below for project and contact details, or download the Department of Infectious Diseases Research Project Handout.

Research Project: Health knowledge technology

Contact person: Dr Julian Elliott

Phone: +61 3 9076 6077


All other student inquiries:
Please contact Jasminka Sterjovski (Research Manager and Student Co-ordinator)


Staff Members:

Dr Julian Elliott
Project Leader

Prof Russel Gruen

Mr Steve McDonald

Prof Sally Green

Matt Deeble
Strategy and Business Development




Professor Russel Gruen - Surgery, Monash University

Steve McDonald - School of Public Health Monash University and Cochrane Collaboration Steering Group member

Sally Green (Co-investigator) - Co-Director, Australasian Cochrane Centre

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