Influenza & Immunisation

Our Influenza unit is headed by Prof Allen Cheng and leads the Influenza Complications Alert Network (or FluCAN), a hospital-based surveillance programme for severe influenza conducted at 15 hospitals around Australia. In addition to collating weekly data on hospitalisations for public health authorities, we also assess vaccine coverage in key risk groups and vaccine effectiveness against hospitalisation.

Influenza Complications Alert Network - FluCAN

The FluCAN Surveillance system was created with the support of the Thoracic Society of Australia and New Zealand and funding from the NHMRC.

The aim of FluCAN is to maintain a real-time hospital-based surveillance system for acute respiratory disease requiring hospitalisation, which could provide a reliable and timely source of information that could be used to inform public health policy.

For information please contact:

Prof Allen Cheng

Phone: +61 3 9076 2000


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