Spleen Australia

Group Leader

The role of Spleen Australia (formerly called Victorian Spleen Registry) is to reduce the occurrence of overwhelming sepsis in people after splenectomy, a diagnosis of no spleen (congenital asplenia) or diagnosis of hyposplenism. This is done through education, immunisation and preventive antibiotics.

Spleen Australia – a clinical service and registry for people with non-functioning spleens has registered more than 5000 people ranging from 3 weeks to 89 years of age. With the availability of new vaccines against pneumococcus and meningococcus, immunization regimes recommended for these individuals are revised annually. The Spleen Australia team have a very useful website and have developed an iPhone App called “spleen-ie”. Only registered patients can have access to this app and its main functions are to remind and record vaccines that are recommended for people with non-functioning spleens.

More information can be found at Spleen Australia.