STOP-UTI Info for GPs

Thank you for taking the time to read about our research. We look forward to you collaborating with us.

Your role

We would ask you to identify eligible patients, then (for those who are interested) provide them with an information leaflet and notify us using a brief online form. If you’re ordering an MSU with Dorevitch Pathology, we ask you to put a study sticker on the request form. We'll do the rest.

Who is eligible?

  • Inclusion criteria: non-pregnant females aged over 18 years, prescribed an antibiotic for suspected or confirmed acute uncomplicated cystitis.
  • Exclusion criteria: males, pregnant females, under 18 years, and patients that are asymptomatic, or with structural or functional abnormality in the urinary tract or with a urinary catheter, nephrostomy tube, or other device in the urinary tract.

How many patients?

There’s no specific target number of patients per practice, but we would encourage you to refer at least 20 patients to us, if possible.


We'll list all General Practitioners who refer patients as STOP-UTI collaborators in the acknowledgements section of any scientific papers that result from this study. We'd also be pleased to provide a certificate of participation.

Next steps

We need to provide you with some study materials and have a brief chat with you or your practice manager either by phone or in person. To arrange this in the way that suits you best, you can either use this, call us on [0439 167 207] or email us on

We look forward to collaborating with you!

The STOP-UTI team,

Ms Stephanie Curtis, Monash University
Dr Jason Kwong, Melbourne University
Prof Danielle Mazza, Monash University
Dr Kyra Chua, Dorevitch Pathology
Dr Andrew Stewardson, Monash University