Batchelor group

Key terms

Spinal cord injury, Decompressive Surgery, Hypothermia, Trauma/ Neurotrauma

Research Goal

To develop acute treatments for spinal cord injury.

Research Overview

Our research has a primary focus on acute care for spinal cord injured patients. Traumatic spinal cord injury (SCI) generally affects young people, many of whom have severe paralysis and functional deficits with ongoing complex social, psychological, and medical needs.

In the majority of cases the initial vertebral injury is compounded by secondary compression of the spinal cord. Patients generally undergo spinal surgery to decompress and stabilise the spine.  Animal and clinical data demonstrate that urgent relief of cord compression appears to greatly improve outcome. However, urgent decompression can be difficult to achieve in humans because of logistical difficulties. Our group has demonstrated in animal models of SCI, that hypothermia can suspend the progressive damage caused to the spinal cord by compression, thereby allowing decompressive surgery to be performed in a clinically achievable time frame (Batchelor et al. 2010, 2011).

The primary objective of our group is to undertake a multicentre clinical trial of Immediate Cooling followed by Emergency Decompression (ICED). The aim of the ICED trial is to determine whether the combination of hypothermia and early decompression can improve outcomes in patients with severe cervical SCI.


The ICED trial is comprised of 3 projects encompassing process of care, development of a rapid neurologic assessment for paramedics (SPEED), and a safety and feasibility trial of hypothermia and early decompressive surgery. A future multi-centre trial of hypothermia and early surgery is also planned, pending the results of the safety and feasibility trial.

Current Project Funding

Selected Recent Publications

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