Kolbe group

Key terms

Brain Imaging, biomarkers, multiple sclerosis, visuomotor neuroscience, ultrahigh field MRI

Research Goal

To improve the treatment of brain injury by developing and testing new biomarkers for use in personalised monitoring and prognosis, or as early phase clinical trial endpoints.

YouTube video (3:57 min): Scott Kolbe explains his research on venous rhythms in the brain and MS. See video

Research Overview

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) represents the gold standard for radiological diagnosis and monitoring of neurological diseases such as multiple sclerosis. However, current clinical MRI technologies are not sensitive to the primary pathologies that drive neurological progression: axonal demyelination and degeneration. Nor can they reveal reparative processes such as axonal remyelination, axonal remodelling and brain network remodelling. Our research addresses a number of key problems to improve radiological practice:

  1. How to measure pathological and reparative changes in axonal myelination?
  2. How to measure loss of axons?
  3. How to identify stressed neurons that are at risk of degeneration?
  4. How to classify pathology and stratify patients?
  5. How to identify pathological and reparative changes in large scale brain networks?
  6. How to translate new imaging biomarkers into radiological practice?


Current Project Funding:

  • 2018-21: Kolbe SC. Biogen Investigator Initiated Study.

Selected Recent Publications

For full list of publications, visit Pubmed.

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