The Centre for Obesity Research and Education operates within the Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences. Monash University research centres are governed by a Scientific Advisory Board and lead by an Executive team.

The CORE Scientific Advisory Board is made up of both internal and external academic and professional staff as well as the Executive Team. It is chaired by the Head of the  School of Public Health and Preventive Medicine,  Professor John McNeil.  Its membership is formed by outstanding health  professionals with  expertise in the area of obesity, as well as the CORE  Executive.

The board members for 2011-2012 are as follows:

Photograph of Professor John McNeilProfessor John McNeil (Chairperson): Head, School of Public Health and Preventive Medicine, Monash University.
Photograph of Professor Ian SmithProfessor Ian Smith (member):  Pro Vice-Chancellor (Research and Research Infrastructure), Monash University.
Photograph of Professor Joseph ProiettoProfessor Joseph Proietto (member): Professor of Medicine, the University of Melbourne.
Photograph of Professor Michael CowleyProfessor Michael Cowley (member): Professorial Fellow, Department of Physiology and Director, Monash Obesity and Diabetes Institute, Monash University.

The Executive Team integrates the essential scientific disciplines necessary for obesity research and education.

It is chaired by the  the Director of CORE, Professor Wendy Brown.

Photograph of Associate Professor Wendy Brown

Professor Wendy Brown is the Director of the Centre for Obesity Research and Education and Monash University Chair of Surgery, Central Clinical School. Her areas of expertise include laparascopic adjustable gastric banding, the effects of weight loss on health, and upper gastrointestinal surgery with a primary focus on the oesophagogastric junction and obesity.

 Photograph of Emeritus Professor Paul O'BrienProfessor Paul O'Brien is the Emeritus Director of the Centre for Obesity Research and Education. His areas of expertise include: The morbidity of obesity and the health benefits of weight loss; laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding procedures; treatments for obesity and their relative effectiveness; effects of obesity and weight loss on survival.
Photograph of Professor Brian OldfieldProfessor Brian Oldfield is a Professor of Physiology at Monash University. For the last 10 years his interests have shifted to focus more on the ingestion of food and the development of obesity rather than the ingestion of fluids. The transition between these related fields is now complete and he is now an established member of the international obesity research community with regular invitations to speak about the work of his group at international meetings. Professor Oldfield has strong interests in the coordination of efforts to combat obesity through the formation of collectives to bring a diversity of strategies to the problem.
 Photograph of Dr Anna PeetersDr Anna Peeters is head of the obesity and population health research unit at the Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute. Her areas of expertise are chronic disease, aging and medical demography, with particular focus on the population implications of overweight and cardiovascular disease.
 Photograph of Cheryl LaurieMs Cheryl Laurie  is a senior research nurse in the Centre for Obesity Research and Education. She has had many years of experience in co-ordination and administration of clinical trials mostly associated with treatment of obesity both medically and surgically.