Presentations to National and International Meetings and Conferences 2010

Presentations by CORE staff in 2010

Keystone Symposium on Neuronal Control of Appetite, Metabolism and Weight,

24th - 29th January 2010, Keystone, USA. 

Paul O'Brien: "Appetite Control and Bariatric Surgery"


Diabetes Expert Forum

7th March 2010, Sydney, Australia

Paul O'Brien: "Defining the role of bariatric surgery in type 2 diabetes"


Sydney Upper GI Surgical Society - Obesity: The Disease and its Treatment

9th March 2010, Sydney, Australia

Paul O'Brien:

"Bariatric Surgery: 2010 Status Report"

"Gastric Banding: Mechanisms of Effect"


World Congress of Internal Medicine

24th March 2010, Sydney, Australia

Paul O'Brien: "The battle of the bulge: Bariatric surgery status report."


Imperial College - Cornell University: Surgery for Diabetes symposium

10th June 2010, London, UK

Wendy Brown:  "Levels of Evidence for metabolic surgery "

Debate: "All patients with diabetes should be offered surgery as first line therapy" - Affirmative


XI International Congress on Obesity (ICO)

11th - 15th July 2010, Stockholm, Sweden

Kristine Egberts: "Optimising lifestyle factors to achieve weight loss in surgical patients"


International Federation for Surgery of Obesity Annual Meeting

3rd - 7th September 2010, Long Beach California

Wendy Brown:

"LAGB is the ideal operation for Diabetes"

"LAGB and the follow-up process"


Monash Obesity and Diabetes Institute

30th September 2010, Melbourne, Australia

Paul O'Brien: "Weight loss with Gastric Banding: Mechanisms and Effects"


Australian Child and Adolescent Obesity Research Network

19th - 21st October 2010, Sydney, Australia

Leah Brennan: "Parenting, Child Behaviour and Wellbeing in Child and Adolescent Obesity Research"


Australian and New Zealand Obesity Society Annual Scientific Meeting

20th - 22nd October, Sydney, Australia

Leah Brennan:

"Application of Psychological Theories, Principles, and Strategies in the Treatment of Adolescent Obesity"

Multidisciplinary team "Management of Adult Obesity: Evidence Based Case"


Cheryl Laurie:

"Relative Cost-Efficacy of Gastric Banding and a lifestyle program for weight loss in adolescent obesity: A randomized controlled trial"


Asia-Pacific Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery Society (APMBSS), 6th International Congress

22nd - 23rd October, Singapore

Paul O'Brien:

"Adjustable Gastric Banding - State of the Art"

"Debate: Sleeve Gastrectomy will replace the Band - Against"

"Obesity Therapy - Lessons learned and the Future"


Medibank Health Solutions Professional Conference ‘The puzzle of future health'

29th - 30th October 2010, Melbourne, Australia

Wendy Brown: "An overview of Bariatric Surgery: Rationale, Types of Procedures, Risks and Patient Selection"


13th Annual Merck Frosst/CIHR Research Chair in Obesity Annual symposium
October 2010, Université Laval, Quebec City, Canada

Paul Burton:

"Bariatric Surgery: How It Influences Energy Balance Regulation"

"The mechanism of action of adjustable gastric banding"


The Alfred Hospital Professorial Medical Grand Round

4th November 2010, Melbourne, Australia.

Wendy Brown: "Surgical management of Obesity"


Obesity Surgery Society of Australia & New Zealand, Annual Scientific Meeting

10th - 12th November 2010, Hobart, Australia

Wendy Brown:

 "The challenge of weight loss - our weight homeostat"

Changing indications for surgery session: "Adolescents"

Breakfast Session: "Optimising Post-Operative Care"

Chair: The outcomes from different bariatric surgery procedures


Paul Burton:

"The Mechanism of weight loss with gastric banding: Induction of satiety rather than physical restriction?"

"Oesophageal motor function in patients with adjustable gastric bands: The Melbourne criteria"

"Managing complications of gastric banding: The CORE classification"


Cheryl Laurie:

"Relative Cost-Efficacy of Gastric Banding and a lifestyle program for weight loss in adolescent obesity: A randomized controlled trial"


Kristine Egberts:

"Exercise facilitates greater weight loss in laparoscopic adjustable gastric banded patients than is achieved with standard care"

"Systematic Review of the Incidence and Management of Erosions in LAP-BAND patients"


Rebecca Haward:  "Does Pregnancy Increase the Need for Revisional Surgery after Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric Banding?"


Victorian Obesity Consortium Symposium - Showcase of Victorian Obesity Research

8th December 2010, Melbourne, Australia

Paul Burton: How does surgery induce weight loss?