Presentations to National and International Meetings and Conferences 2012

Presentations by CORE staff in 2012

British Obesity and Metabolic Surgery Society 3rd Annual Scientific Meeting

January 2012, Bristol, England

Wendy Brown - Invited visitor:

Trainee day - video presentation, clinical dilemmas

"Optimum band care the Australian way"

"Gastric banding long-term: what are the data?"


SAGES conference

7th - 9th March 2012, San Diego, USA

Wendy Brown - Invited speaker in post graduate course

"Does LAGB Cure Diabetes?  Why, Why Not and How?"


Obesity Surgery Society of Australia and New Zealand (OSSANZ) Conference ‘Bariatric Surgery - more than an operation'

11th - 13th April 2012, Darwin, Australia

Wendy Brown - Scientific Convenor, Invited speaker

"Long term complications of Bariatric Surgery"

"Which operation for the Public Sector?

Chair: "Free Papers: Physiology, Psychology and Bariatric Surgery"

Paul O'Brien - Invited speaker: "Weight loss with different bariatric procedures at 10 years and beyond"

"What does every band patient need to know"

Paul Burton - Invited speaker: "Aetiology of luminal dilatation in patients with adjustable gastric bands: The effects of adjustments and luminal wall energy transmission"

"Technique and utility of stress barium in patients with adjustable gastric bands"

Leah Brennan - Invited speaker: "Improvement in psychological well-being"

Melissa Hayden - "Axis I disorders and weight loss outcomes in bariatric surgery candidates"

Julie Playfair - "Recruitment difficulties in a randomised controlled trial (RCT) of fifty overweight participants with type 2 diabetes"

Kylie Murphy - "Binge eating disorder and weight loss outcomes in bariatric surgery candidates"